Anal Beads That Vibrate! Your Backdoor Buddies

Anal beads or butt beads are a fun way to have some sexy anal play! My new favorite sex toy is the Anal Fantasy Deluxe Vibro Balls! These anal beads are the perfect size. They are graduated butt beads, so you can use a larger bead whenever you're ready. 

You'll love the vibrating sensation they provide. Because these anal beads vibrate, their pretty unique as far as anal toys go. They have a smooth texture and will provide the most titillating anal stimulation. If you're new to anal play, but are curious about messing around back there, this is the perfect toy for you to start with. It comes with analeze, to help relax your nerves and muscles as well as some super slippery anal lube. 

As long as you prep with the lube, you won't have any trouble. Just take it slow when starting out with anal beads and don't push yourself. I love using these anal beads while I'm having sex. The added pressure and sensation really maximize my climax. Now, these sex beads aren't just for women. You can share them with your boyfriend! Men get a lot of prostate stimulation using anal beads and will love the vibes back there! 

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