What Are Eye Floaters | How To Treat Eye Floaters Naturally

What are eye floaters? Most often they look like squiggly strands in your peripheral vision although they can appear as black dots or cloud specks. 
The scientific name for the objects and it’s called this - Muscae Volitantes, its Latin for flying flies. And true to their name, they can be somewhat annoying
Your average everyday floater is caused by a piece of protein called collagen floating in the dissolved gel-like fluid in the back of the eye, which cast shadows on the retina when light enters the eye.
Because they are suspended in the gel-like liquid that fills the inside of your eye, floaters drift along with your eye movement and seem to bounce a little when your eye stops.
Floaters are particularly noticeable when you are looking at a uniform bright surface like a computer screen, snow or a clear sky where the consistency of the background makes them easy to distinguish.
Women also complain more frequently than men do about eye floaters.