Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls | The Best Kegel Exercise Balls

Have you done your kegel exercises today? You’ve probably been told you should do your kegel exercises often, but don't really know why, or how to do it. Well I’ve got something to help you out. The Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls can help to increase stimulation, natural lubrication, and your ability to orgasm. These weighty wonders will keep your vagina in tip-top shape, and who doesn’t want that?! 

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Kegel exercises are the contraction and release of your pelvic floor muscles. They can be done in quick pulses, or you can hold the contraction at a length before releasing it. Using ben wa balls can facilitate and intensify your kegel exercise. The Nen-Wa Magnetic balls is basically the same as ben wa balls, only these are a bit more heavy and they stick together being it’s made of magnetic hematite. Gently pop them into the vagina and hold them in by contracting your kegel muscles for a wild workout! 

Strong pelvic floor muscles not only promote good sexual function and bigger orgasms, but it also supports your bowel and bladder control as you age. Doing your kegels is a win-win for now, and in the future, and getting the best, high quality ben wa balls is definitely a good investment.

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