The objective of this site is to provide a short overview of Visual Culture Art Education (VCAE). It will explore the what, the who, the why, the why not to, the how, and well, the where is everywhere! This site will give its readers an explanation of how visual culture fits into the art classroom; explaining its relative fields like culture, aesthetics, sociology, emerging media, etc. This website will also provide three big names who sparked the discussion on visual culture and mass media culture as an advantageous tool in art education. Many of the resources on this small site are videos of ideas people have had to change lives through art, while also providing relevant images that comically explain the issues of visual culture. Along with pictures and videos, a few links have been added to provide extra depth for research on specifics within this topic. I have also provided positives and negatives of teaching visual culture to provide a subjective viewpoint for my readers. Although VCAE has been off art education's radar in the last few years, I do beleive that it has some fantastic aims that fit now more than ever, especially with the movement rate of ideas in the world. Below explains the site in chart-form: