Welcome to the home page for the Visual Connection, a DJ Visualizer for Embrace (the social dance DJ tool) and iTunes (For Mac & Windows).  It's still early days but downloads will be available here as they become available.  

The only instruction: Holding the Command Key (aka "meta" key aka "Apple" or "Windows" key) or Control Key will open up the options panel.

Current Version: Beta 4
Posted: 3/16/14

Beta 4: Now With iTunes For WINDOWS Support (3/16/14)
- Connects to iTunes on Windows
- Options panel now response to ctrl and command keys (always pushing the 'windows' meta key for options panel was annoying)

Beta 3: Now With iTunes Support (3/15/14)
- Connects to iTunes and Embrace
- Options Panel (command key) now indicates which audio player we're visualizing for
- Audio Player indicator in options panel is clickable to toggle between Embrace and iTunes if they're both up.
- If neither iTunes nor Embrace are running, searches between the two until one is found to be running.
- Wont let the display sleep while Visual Connection is running.

Alpha 2: New Interactive Version! (3/4/14)
- Resize the screen at your leisure, even go full screen and Visual Connection will smoothly resize all content for your screen
- hold down the command key (a.k.a. the apple key) to bring up the options panel which gives access to:
  - Dev Console (necessary since right clicking and the address bar are now gone)
  - Reload (see above)
  - Increase/Decrease number of previous and next tracks to show

Visual Connection with the Options Panel open

Alpha 1: Hello World (3/2/14)
- This version is non-interactive and doesn't do much aside from demonstrate that we've got the ability to speak to Embrace and give you track listings.