About Visual brainfuck

Visual brainfuck is a Windows 7 compatible Integrated Development Environment for developers around the world who prefer the brainfuck approach. It has the tools needed to meet today's high quality standards when it comes to professional application development.... in brainfuck.

Visual brainfuck has a GUI with the following key components:

  • Three text editors: Input, Output and Program.
  • A Debugger with:
    • An animation with Memory Tape and a Program Tape watches.
    • Currently executed instruction indicators embedded in the Program Editor.
    • Breakpoint support.
    • Continuous and step execution.
    • Peek & Poke Controls.
    • The ability to display memory values in decimal, hex or ASCII.
  • A Component Palette.
  • A Text Encoder application that generates a brainfuck program that prints the desired text.
  • An Ook! Translator application that translates from brainfuck to Ook! and the other way around.
  • A brainfuck compiler for generating executables. This is particularly useful when the code is too dense for the debugger to run quickly.
  • A thoroughly detailed help file.

Here's a screenshot of the well-known Sierpinski triangle brainfuck program running in Visual brainfuck.

This is how Visual brainfuck looks.

Feel free to download Visual brainfuck and join the few fine esoteric developers around the world. Hopefully we'll make it to... 27?

For more info, visit the author's blog.