Quick Start

Distance2Meter can measure the distance from a user to an object within sight.
In the App user motion is used to calculate the distance to an object.
You mark a specific fragment (called "anchor-fragment")
in the object plane, then move toward the object and mark the same fragment again.

Your motion length can be selected between "number of steps" or "Custom..." options in
[Preferences | Motion-Mode].
If "number of steps" is selected, step size is used in calculations and can be entered in Your Step Length
in Preferences.
If you do not know your step size, it is estimated from Your Height, so enter Your Height in Preferences.
If your step size is defined directly Your Height option is ignored!
If "Custom..." is selected, Custom motion length option is used to define your motion.
In this case both Your Height and Your Step Length are ignored!

Before the actual measurement you should:

1. select the motion mode you will use for motion towards the object in [ Menu | Preferences | Motion-Mode ]
2a. (only for "number of steps" motion) go to the [ Menu | Preferences | Your Height ] and enter your actual height if you does not know your step size, otherwise enter your step size directly.
2b. (only for "Custom..." motion) go to the [ Menu | Preferences | Custom Motion Length ] and enter the motion length directly.
3.  select desired measurement units in [ Menu | Preferences | Units ]

On the picture below the distance D to the house is to be measured.
The following simple steps are needed to measure this distance.

1. Point your camera at the object of interest (the house on the picture below)
2. Choose an anchor-fragment in the object plane that you will use for marking (the window height on the picture below)
3. Press Freeze button to take a snapshot of the current view for more comfortable line/slider adjustment (step is optional)
4. Use horizontal line/sliders to mark the anchor-fragment (window) on opposite sides, as you see on the picture
5. Press State 1  button to save current state

6. Move towards the object according to Motion-Mode selected in Preferences.
7. Start the live camera preview by pressing the Live button if it was "frozen" before
8. Point your camera at the same object again from your new position and repeat previous steps: Press Freeze (optional)
and mark the same anchor-fragment (window)
9. Press State 2 button to save current state and make the distance calculation
You can see the distance (d=...) result in the upper left corner of the screen now. 
The measurement result is displayed in selected measurement units and in your steps as well if step-wise motion mode is chosen in Preferences
Press Reset button to clear the current calculation

Measurement Screen