L i n u x   L o o k i n g   l i k e   V i s t a 

I've been making a Vista-looking theme for Compiz Themer, and now it's ready to be posted here, in the Compiz forum! I'm makin other modifications too, so the project name is Vista-Linux, now!
Some modifications needs you to reboot your Linux.

(infos and screenshots in the end of the guide)

To get your compiz theme looking like Vista-Linux or Vista-Classic, download its respective theme in the attachements.

To get your panel with less opacity, just hold <Alt> and move your mouse scroll.

If you want to use the Vista-Wallpaper or the NeoVista-Wallpaper, get them by these links:



To install etiennealaurent's LiNsta GTK2 theme, download 42697-LiNsta-GTK2.tar.gz, clicking here and then, grab this archive into the System>Preferences>Themes Window (Ubuntu).

To install the toby's Aero icon theme, download it clicking here and grab this archive into the System>Preferences>Themes Window (Ubuntu).

To get your Mozilla Firefox browser looking like Vista, download the Kogol's Firefox Vista theme, clicking here

To get your Mozilla Thunderbird mail client looking like Vista, download the FoneBone's WinMailBlue 1.3 theme, clicking here and follow this tutorial:

1. Right-Click the link above and choose "Save Link As..." to Download and save the file to your hard disk.

2. In Mozilla Thunderbird, open the extension manager (Tools Menu/Extensions) 

3. Click the Install button, and locate/select the file you downloaded and click "OK" 


To get your Logon Splash looking like Vista-Linux's Logon Splash, download logon-splash.tar.gz and put it into your user-home folder. Then, do the following on the terminal (that is a ubuntu guide. If you use any other system, adapt it to your OS):

cd /usr/share/pixmaps/splash/

sudo tar xvzf ~/logon-splash.tar.gz


To get your GDM (Logon Window) looking like Vista Welcome Message, download it clicking here and drop this file into your System> Administration>Login Window, select it and press OK.

To activate your Compiz's Reflection Plugin, go in terminal and do:

gconf-editor /apps/compiz/general/allscreens/options/active_plugins


Then, double click the active_plugins key, in the window that will appear, click add, and put reflection in the box, click OK, select reflection (it will be in the end of the plugins list) and pres the Up button untill it stay near the decoration plugin, like that:
Then, press Ok, and do that on terminal:

gconf-editor /apps/compiz/plugins/reflection/allscreens/options/reflection_map


Double click the reflection_map key and then, put /usr/share/compiz/SampleMap.png in the box, then press Ok, close gconf and apreciate your window reflection (some shadows and reflctions in the windows titlebars).

To get your grub lookin very much better, with GFXBoot, follow carelly this tutorial clicking here. Then, change the gfxboot theme to Vista-Linux's GFXboot theme, download message.vista.tar.gz clicking here. Put ths file into your user-home folder, and do this in the terminal:

cd /boot/grub

sudo tar xvzf ~/message.vista.tar.gz

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst # Change gedit to kwrite if you're using KDE


And put gfxmenu /boot/grub/message.vista as the first line of this file, save and close.

To get you mouse cursors looking like Aero mouse cursors, download aeromousetheme11.tar.gz clicking here and follow this guide:

1. First we have to install gcursor application on Ubuntu. Open the terminal and write:

sudo apt-get install gcursor

2. Go to System tab ---> Preferences ---> Cursor Selection.

3. Push the Install Theme button, browse and select the cursor.

4. Now pick aeromousetheme11.tar.gz that you downloaded and press ok, and close.

5. Reboot the X server (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) and login to get the mouse theme working.


To get your root applications with the same GTK2 theme of your current user, do that:

sudo ln -s /home/<insert your username here>/.themes /root/.themes

sudo ln -s /home/<insert your username here>/.icons /root/.icons


Email your screenshots, modifications and opinions about this theme to webrevenger@gmail.

General Theme Name: Vista-Linux
General Theme Version: 1.0 BETA2

Theme name: Vista-Compiz
Themer version: 0.61
Frame engine: oxygen
Font: Loma Bold 10


Download Here!

Theme name: Vista-Classic
Themer version: 0.61
Frame engine: legacy
Font: Loma Bold 10


Download Here!

Theme name: NeoVista-Compiz
Themer version: 0.61
Frame engine: oxygen
Font: Loma Bold 10


Download Here!

Last Changes:
1.0 BETA2
Updated Vista-Compiz and NeoVista-Compiz themes with oxygen frame engine, and Vista-Classic with legacy theme engine, to CGWD 0.61
Added Aero mouse cursor theme
Added NeoVista-Wallpaper
Added and upgraded Ghostcool's GDM theme
Added GFXBoot guide and theme
Added Compiz's Reflection guide
Added Logon Splash
Added Guide to apply the user themes to root aplications


The complete changelog and other theme infos, like "To Do" list and Features list are in the attachments like themeinfo.txt.