Curriculum for sale, babysitters, odd jobs, garage sales, etc..
If we all pull together we will all pull through!

My husband is back from Afghanistan and we will be moving to Fort Leavenworth, KS on March 17th.    we will be renting out our house.  It has five bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage plus a carport and large shed on the side of the house, parking space for 6 cars, a large indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, and is walking distance to Trawood park.  If you know of anyone who is interested, have them email or call me for details.  594-6686. 


I am in search of a zoology book for elementary science that Apologia publishes.  If anyone has one that they are willing to allow me to borrow, purchase, or trade the Astronomy book for please email me at .  Thanks!

Donna Sather

 PS Don’t forget to register for the conference coming up where you can purchase the Apologia books and hear the author Jay Wile speak!  J

Hello,  does anyone have a used Physical Science book by Dr. Jay L Wile?   I believe it is for use for a 9th grade student, please correct me if I am wrong.  email me at

The Six-pack! 
 A family singing group. Three generations sing!   
We offer wholesome Christian or secular music of all styles for family friendly events. 
(weddings, sweet 16 parties, store openings, charity events, parties)
To hire The Six-pack please contact Deb Roennebeck
Fees: $150.00 for the first hour and $50.00 for every hour after that.
(We do not charge God for the gift he has given us.
If you have a charity event please let us know and we will pray about donating our services)
I am 15 years old with years of big sister experience with 3 siblings.  I work in the nursery at church and have been changing diapers since I was four.  I live on the east side of town and would need transportation.  I charge $5.00 per hour for up to three children.  $2.00 per hour for each additional child.  Depending on your childs behavior, I always try to leave your house better than I found it.  Just drop me a line at

  It isn't too late to get your kids into "The Art of Eloquence" Class.  This week the class was studying Pres. Regans "Bring down that wall." speech - which led us, at home to a whole "Iron Curtain" unit study that day.  The kids are writing, doing research, spelling, reading as well as learning to communicate. 

You can also still get into the Music Classes!! Just come talk to Eddie Thursday at 3:00 or 4:10 pm. at Vista Hills Church 2301 Lee Trevino.

And don't forget to "buy pie" - "mission pie" that is at the Great American Steakbuger on Yarbrough.  Mom went over and bought a whole pie while my brother was in town last weekend! Only a guys Mom would do such an outrageous thing!!  Thanks Mum!


English Tutor
I am available to tutor your children in English and Language Arts. 
I have a B.A. in journalism/ creative writing.  I taught Spelling, Grammar, and Writing at college level and tutored for several years all levels and ages. 
Prices are always negotiable!
Call me at 594-4070 or 740-3216.
 Terri Barnes 


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