Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry

If we all pull together we will all pull through!


 Ministry and Counseling

Pastor Randy Smith - Vista Hills Church 591-4400


Bread Basket - Food/clothing 591-4400

Burden Bearers - Biblical Counseling 779-0441

Financial Counseling - Grae and Gene 591-3042

Freedom Ministry Addictions - Mike 240-7680

Victoria 238-1254

Pastor Care - Help for those in ministry 633-9888

Pregnancy Help Center - 591-1343


 Vista Hills Homeschool ministry is basically "two fat women on a mission from God" LOL  I'm Deb - My husband, Volker and I have 4 kids - two girls 15 and 11 and two boys 9 and 9.  My Partner is Victoria - She and her husband,  Mike have two girls 18 and 13 and a boy 16 at home and three other children grown.


We (Vickie and I) felt that God was calling us to support homeschoolers in ways that the average group does not - based on the example of the Christian church Paul describes in the Bible.  A group of Christian (and even some non-Christian) women who love and support one another, pool resources and pray in earnest for one another.


Our motto is: "If we all pull together we will all pull through."


Vickie and I run the ministry out of whatever we can squeeeeze out of our grocery money.  We have a policy that no one gets left behind if they can't afford a class (all our classes are free) or field trip.  We fund raise or find sponsors to pay for them.  


If one of our Moms is in trouble, we do everything we can to help.  If we can't physically “do” anything we can always pray and we try to remember to do that before we do anything else.


We encourage and meet with new homeschoolers to kind of give them a “feel” for what homeschooling is and show them some of the different kinds of curriculum. 


We have a homeschool library which has many Christian based books, DVDs and videos.  (this is my personal library which I lend out)  We also have some curriculum which was donated by other homeschoolers for moms to check out for a year and bring back when they are done.  It isn't really organized right now but we are working on it.


When God provides us with a teacher we set up classes. We also try to provide other events such as dances and field trips. 


The most important function of this ministry I believe is communication between the moms.  Through the Vista Hills Homeschool ministry web page we have things we feel is of interest to other moms.  Whether it is a field trip, information, cool web site or a prayer request, we share it all with each other.  This is how we all stay connected and get to know each other. Most of us have never met one another.   We just know each other through the web pages and we know we are never alone.  There are sisters out there who are praying us through. 


Be sure and check out all the links to the right, we have a bulletin board to keep you up on things going on, a calendar, classifieds, bible study, and we have a homeschool fellowship where we go to support and visit each other. We also have a place for teens to visit via internet. It is available through the homeschool fellowship link. This is completely monitored and moderated by us.


If you have questions out there on any subject,  just shoot an email through and ask all the other moms.  There are about 96 of them willing to give an opinion on just about anything. 






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