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Home School Spring Formal

“Masquerade Ball”

Saturday, May 3

Holiday Inn Sunland Park

$20 per person, payable to SHN

Includes beverages and hors d’oeuvres

High School students and guests only

Deadline to register: April 15


There will be a photographer to take pictures – bring a check to the event if you would like pictures

Parents are needed to help decorate in the morning.


Call Lisa Blakely at 525-2251 with questions.

Email Lisa Blakely at blakely@carlot2000.com to sign up


 It isn't too late to get your kids into "The Art of Eloquence" Class.  This week the class was studying Pres. Regans "Bring down that wall." speech - which led us, at home to a whole "Iron Curtain" unit study that day.  The kids are writing, doing research, spelling, reading as well as learning to communicate. 


You can also still get into the Music Classes!! Just come talk to Eddie Thursday at 3:00 or 4:10 pm. at Vista Hills Church 2301 Lee Trevino.


And don't forget to "buy pie" - "mission pie" that is at the Great American Steakbuger on Yarbrough.  Mom went over and bought a whole pie while my brother was in town last weekend! Only a guys Mom would do such an outrageous thing!!  Thanks Mum!


We'll be at Reese McCord Park (Trawood Park) from 1pm-3pm every Monday.  The address is 1900 Trawood, located in-between Lomaland and Yarbourgh.  Bring your traditional play-ground equipement like playground balls, basketballs, wagons, sand-toys, bicycles, jump-ropes, etc!  Also bring any snacks, water and a chair if mom needs one!
Hope to see you there!
For more info, contact Kimberly Rivera at westofthepecos_gal@yahoo.com