Take the guess work out of finding educational apps for children.

What's on the website

On our website you can find top ranked literacy apps organized by six different categories. Each category focuses on a different literacy skill children need to become successful readers and writers. Listed on the left sidebar are the six app categories we selected. Under each category you can find the top apps in that category that got the highest educational rating.  

You can also find links to websites that we have rated. These websites are focused on improving children's literacy skills. 

Our app rating system

Our app rating system is based on a rubric that rates apps on four separate features. Below is the full version of our rubric. Each category has a maximum score of 5 and includes the ideal elements that an educational app should have.







Educational Engagement

Visuals, Sounds, compelling characters/story, in game rewards, increasing difficulty/levels, and variety

(6 of the 6)

5 of the 6 qualities

4 of the 6 qualities

3 of the 6 qualities

1-2 of 6 qualities

Student Usability

Little to no adult help needed, clear instructions, in-app help assistance provided, and cohesive

(4 of the 4)

3 of the 4 qualities

2 of the 4 qualities

1 of the 4 qualities

0 of the 4 qualities

Uninterrupted Content

No pop-ups, in-app purchases, extension costs, or banners

(0 of the 4)

1 of the 4 interruptions

2 of the 4 interruptions

3 of the 4 interruptions

4 of the 4 interruptions


Positive reinforcement throughout, "Score" at the end, quizzes, shows overall/continuous progress, reviews challenge areas

(5 of the 5)

3 or 4 of the 4 qualities

2 of the 4 qualities

1 of the 5 qualities

0 of the 5 qualities

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