Free HD DreamScene Video/Movies in 720p

Download Free High Definition HD DreamScene Movie Video Content Files as a Desktop Background

Looking to download free HD DreamScene videos for your Windows Vista Ultimate desktop?
Here you will find free high quality videos that are made specifically to be Dreamscenes. All of our video files fade and loop smoothly, have no logos or watermarks, do not have annoying sounds or music, and are 720p HD resolution or higher! Perfect for your Dream Scene desktop background.

Browse images of our free high quality dreamscene videos above.

Download Videos via BitTorrent

- All videos downloaded together

Download Videos via HTTP

- Videos can be downloaded individually.

Right now our collection of video clips is fairly small but you can help by sending us your HD footage or HD dreamscenes!

Note: Microsoft has made available the DreamScene Content Pack. You can download the DreamScene Content Pack using Windows Update. The four video files are as follows:

  • A creek in a forest with running water
  • Rain falls into a puddle on the street
  • Bee gathers pollen on orange flower
  • Animated fire!

Download Videos using:

What is Windows DreamScene? DreamScene allows you to use a video or movie as your desktop background. Videos specifically made for Vista DreamScene are sometimes referred to as Dreams or Dreamscenes.
Note: You must have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition to use DreamScene and the video content must be in the .wmv, or .mpg formats (or even the .dream format).