We All Share the Desire to Enjoy Our Homes and the Surrounding Environment

    -  Remember to contact the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
        whenever you are making changes/adding structures to the exterior
        of your home or property.  There are no fees for ACC review.  Click on         "ACC" in the left column of this page to get the form to request review.

    - Sellers/Realtors:  Contact VDLMHOANM@gmail.com to request a
        disclosure package.  There is no cost if you accept the package
        electronically.  If you need hard copy, the cost is $50.     

Welcome to the Vista de la Montana HOA webpage. Our HOA is comprised of six separate subdivisions, totaling 149 properties, all under the umbrella of one HOA. They are: Placitas Vista de la Montana, Placitas Vista de la Montana Sur, Placitas Vista de la Montana Sur Unit 2, Desert Mountain, Sky Mountain, and Montana del Sol.  All land owners and home owners are members of the HOA.

Your elected HOA Board of Directors is committed to
promoting the health, safety, and welfare of our homeowners and enforcing the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for our communities.  Our board meetings are open to all members.  We welcome your participation in the board meetings and your questions and feedback. 

The annual homeowners' meeting is held in November.

Notice of board meetings will be sent via email and posted on the bulletin boards.

We invite you to contact the Board by email 
at:  vdlmhoaNM@gmail.com

or by mail at: 
Vista de la Montana HOA, 

P.O. Box 91
Placitas, NM  87043