Prayer of the Last Testament


Children of God!

Now you are given a new prayer which has to unite all the children of God, irrespective of their confession.

The prayer is the art of opening your soul and only thanks to this art will you be able to strengthen the connection between your soul and the Heavenly Father. This will strengthen the influx of God's Blessing and will help you to stand the evil counteractions.

The united prayer helps you to unite into One Spiritual Family and allows you to receive support in whatever distant location of Mother Earth you might be. Through this prayer God stares at his sons who have stepped on the Path of complete Flowering and who are ready to work hard for the sake of His Glory.

Pray with due responsibility, for the purification of your soul as well as of Mother Earth depend on it.


Sit on your knees, straighten your spine. Then pray with trill and tenderness, while striving to emanate the warmth of your soul to everyone and everything around.

Try to keep this state whatever side-thoughts might interfere with you and possibly try to pray in secret,

For “your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly. (Matthew 6:6)

Pray to God not less then twice a day, irrespective of whether your mood is exalted or not.

In the morning  to prepare for the coming day. In the evening  to get rid of the dirt and to restore the exhausted energy.


If you pray when exalted then the surplus good Energy will easily spread out and will considerably cleans the emotional dirt over you.

If you pray depressed, then the God's Blessing will come into you, neutralising the energy of the darkness and restoring your exhausted energy.

But if you pray only when you feel unwell, this shows your hypocrisy, for you remember Lord only in a hard moment.

After finishing your evening prayer you can add something yours and having recreated the image of the person you wish to help, try to warm him up with the warmth of your soul. The Blessed Energy will flow into the soul of that person regardless of his attitude.

Strive to warm up any miserable human being who has left a mark in your mind.

Pray. And may the Power of God be with you!





United Prayer

Text Box: 1. Lord! Gracious God! 2. Hollowed be Your Name on the Heaven and on the Earth, 3. From one to the other end of the Universe. 4. Lord! Strengthen us in opposing the power of the darkness, so as not only to oppose it, but also to deliver Mother Earth from this litter. 5. Teach us to distinguish good from evil and to remain spiritually calm and firm, so that we worthily do Your Will among people. 6. Strengthen my brothers and sisters, the close and the unknown ones, 7. To see Your true Glory and to be filled their hearts with love, 8. And to get over the dark barriers at their steps on the Path to the Light, 9. And to lend helping hands to one another, and to give boundlessly the warmth of their souls. 10. Lord! May Your Will be done! And may on the Earth be One Nation. 11. Loving his Mother-Nature, connected to You by their love and walking the Path of the True Spiritual Development, resting on Your Last Testament. 12. MORNING: Lord, bless the deeds of the coming day, and let its difficulties be met as it becomes for those approaching Your Light. 13. EVENING: Lord, restore the energy we used to do good, so we can prepare to meet the future day.  Amen