Shree Shree Ravi Shankar

To Shree Shree Ravi Shankar 

Dear friend,

This is your recent guest from Siberia writing to you with a wish to express gratitude once again.

It was important to me not only to see the film recommended by you but also to listen to several follow-up conversations by those who pursue with all their heart the course set by yourself.

I was very glad to see that spiritual values meant to pull together various spiritual formations are being actively realized.

It is a pleasant and joyous feeling to see for real what a number of bright minded people could have only dreamed of earlier.

It is obvious that quite a few people have already reached sufficient age, in order to make the first steps towards getting closer to one another having stepped beyond some traditional dogmatic prejudices of their own that form the basis for abnormal fears and alienation to prosper.

After a long era of divisions and self formations of all kinds people by all means had to grow up to the need to build friendly relations amongst one another that are based on the aspiration to show mutual respect for those particular spiritual values that, having distinguishing characteristics, became embedded in the foundation of the shaping of the spiritual ideologies of various social formations.

Even though only a small part of the whole great pot of people of various beliefs will begin to show such mutual respect, this is completely natural. During the time of those blessed minutes when we were able to meet each other closer, it did not seem appropriate for me to answer to a sufficient degree your question regarding the nature of my mission on Earth in these times.

The circumstances were not conducive for this, so I limited my answer to a very simple and the most principal of definitions.

Upon returning to the areas of my life activity, a desire arose not only to express gratitude but also, if you still keep alive the interest, to mention somewhat more about that which I am required to disclose and touch upon.

I beg your pardon for my possible verbosity. I will try to be concise.

Provided we leave aside the individual features of the resistant religious dogmatic minded people who create distinguishing characteristics of one set of spiritual Teachings from another then all devotees of these various Teachings could - in one’s boldest and best wishes – only be turned into good neighbors. Neighbors who treat with respect the faith of those believers around them, yet nonetheless neighbors between whom there exists inevitably a conventional boundary established on a conscious level that profoundly separates at heart all these people of faith from one another.

It is one thing when people anywhere on Earth show different and often unique abilities to express their various experiences through their own bodily manifestations – as can be observed in works of art and other cultural traditions - but quite another matter when the same people start interpreting each in their own way one and the same universal Law of spiritual development

There have been and there can always be various and unique manifestations of human creativity. This is normal. However varying interpretations of one and the same Law are allowed only temporarily in the form of natural fruits born by the infant human civilization at inception in its pursuit to comprehend the true spiritual values.

Just like all flowers on Earth have a unique outer variety yet internally they evolve following one and the same universal principle. The mental and spiritual basis of all people on Earth with no exception features one and the same structural characteristics hence the Law of evolution for all of this can only be exclusively identical.

As soon as people discover the same correct interpretation of the Law their own spiritual evolution depends upon in its entirety, there will emerge on Earth the Unified Family that reflects the true value of human civilization.

People in such a Family will no longer have any conventional boundaries separating their hearts from one another, and this is the only condition on whose exclusive basis a single field of conscience of all people on Earth can be formed. To achieve this however they will have to review the various religious dogmas already in place with respect to one and the same matter.

The varying interpretations of one and the same matter can be based exclusively only on the varying degree of accuracy and integrity of comprehension. The flawed comprehension of the Truth cannot foster in any way the evolution at full value of the human being no matter how much people manifest their sacred faith in the truthfulness of these inaccuracies.

At a certain point in time, various nations were left with - in the form of images - Parts of the single Image of the Law, so that certain favourable psychological circumstances could be created. These Parts took their place in the foundation of various spiritual Teachings, and represent - although being preserved in the respective Teachings in an image like form and, as a rule, a form interpreted with a limited degree of accuracy - what is most closely related to the Truth of Law

The benefit of the psychological conditions of a circumstance of this nature is above all the ability to state with an equal degree of truthfulness both that all spiritual Teachings contain Truth and that none of the Teachings carries the complete Truth as desired by man. There exists no chosen particular nation as the human ego would have it. All nations have been chosen on an equal basis and owe an equal share of the dues to preserve the Parts that form the Truth of the evolution of the human spiritual world.

However, the spiritual Teachings traditionally established with various nations consist not only of the defined Parts of the single Truth as preserved within them [Teachings]. These Teachings also comprise what has been inevitably added to the preserved Parts depending on the traditional cultural characteristics already present in various people.

The human is psychologically programmed to perceive the spiritual Teaching as containing within itself the entire depth of Revelations necessary for the spiritual development at full value. Since however as a matter of fact the existing fundamental Teachings preserve only one certain Part that relates directly to the Truth, all remaining things had by all means to have been added to this Part naturally as the allegedly missing bits in the comprehensive expression of the completeness of Truth.

Such allegedly missing bits took on particular features with various nations and, even though not directly related to the Truth, had to become temporarily something very important in the life of these nations. However only temporarily!

The interesting and impressive results that have become evident thanks to your spiritual activity are possible at this point in time solely owing to the premise that all the innermost secrets, lying at the base of the various spiritual Teachings, are not to be affected from a perspective that necessitates reconsideration. This is precisely where you spend your efforts in a sufficiently wise manner.

Well, my activity hones in exactly on the need to affect all these numerous flaws that the great majority sacredly believes in. These inaccuracies upon which people - born by the same Father and living on the same Earth and in the same Home - are critically separated from one another. Time has come to show the unity of those Parts of the Law whose preservation once became the shared responsibility of a number of nations.

Naturally, only those people will manage to get close to a full value perception of what I need to start revealing who have outgrown from within the traditional spiritual values, and whose searching mind is set on a course beyond the limitations established by these values until this time.

In order to create such necessary favourable psychological circumstances, at some point in Russia there ought to emerge the one on the basis of whose ideological teachings the outdated dogmatic religious canons could fall apart significantly.

Whereupon a period ought to set in when the human would be able to get rid of abnormal religious fears and prejudices in the best possible manner and come of age psychologically to be able to show a craving for more complete knowledge regarding all things related to their spiritual development.

There has emerged a sufficient number of people of such favorable age, so that precisely at this point in time they can be called upon to start the practical formation of the bedrocks of the Unified Family – that is the reason why they have started arriving in great numbers to certain places.

In this process, they have selflessly substituted the form of life activity that is closest to natural conditions for the customary conveniences of the fruits of “civilization.” These loyal people will have to learn in practice that every live step of theirs into everyday relates directly to the Law of spiritual development.

They will have to learn all the great variety of demands by the Law of Truth following every single life effort of theirs in every single life situation; even more so at building relationships with one another.

At this point, I am quick to end my narration. If I have to be concise then this is anyway what I would like to mention first of all. I apologize once again if through my letter I have drawn you away from more important matters. I wish you continued success in your spiritual work.

Peace and happiness!

Heavenly Abode, May 2008