I am giving you small flames, which will light up the Path to the Heights of Perfection


If a foreign flesh is threatening with physical violence your flesh or another one, who needs of protection, then your power should have the sole aim to pacify the blind rage, which has run high.

But in the moment of opposing, the striving to give the warmth of your soul to the unfortunate, must not cease. Which you should go on doing after you have managed to appease this blind rage.


Be pure in your words.

For what has been heard does not litter, but what comes out of you can turn your soul into a vessel of stench.

He, who lets mockery to another one out of his mouth, steps on the path leading to the dark of the abyss.


If your untruth brings evil, then your soul is at the gates of great sufferings.

If untruth brings disappointment, then this will be evil.

An untruth, covering evil is even greater evil.

But untruth, which brings good is wisdom.


Be pure in your thoughts. For thought is not only a prerequisite of the physical deeds, but it is a deed itself, emitting either warmth or cold.

He who has evil thoughts about another one, brings harm to the person's soul and plunges into the swamp of the darkness.


You may kill a member of the animal or plant world only when there is a real need to do so. If the good, coming from it, is greater than the loss of the Nature.

But try to restore even the smallest loss of the Nature in the span of your life.


Do not steal.

For this not only brings a temporary loss to the life of man's flesh, but always disseminates temptations to distrust people.

The distrust conceives coldness of soul.

The soul coldness is equivalent to death.


Unhappy is not he who has lost in the material life but who has lost in himself.

For the loss in the material life is a trial, but the loss inside is a fatal mistake.


If you do not trust someone, have no dealings with him.

If you have had dealings with someone, trust him completely.

But your distrust proves that there is litter in your soul.


Be ready to sacrifice a lesser thing for a greater one, not only in yourself but also towards a stranger.

This is a test of your mind and the purity of your soul.


Respect the faith of a believer.

For the faith discloses the soul and joins it with the chosen aim.

Rude treatment of the stranger's soul demonstrates imprudence and barbarism.

Make your path alongside the path of the other man and let him judge their worth.

But do not strive to destroy what has been created without replacing it.


Do good deeds beyond all measures.
Help those who later may insult you.


The flesh exists not to take but to give.

Only this can form and cleanse the soul.

Try to help delicately, so as not to become vain or put the needy In an awkward position.

The help immediately loses its true essence when first mentioned.
Then it turns into a pledge.


Good deeds coming from you but not guarded by your mind can be used by the devil.

And then you will cause suffering.

The devil can hide under the guise of the good deeds if the good deed was motivated by a self-interest.

But help does not always have a beneficial effect.

Help can bring a beneficial effect only to those who strive for and have undertaken the activity, but need help.

If the help is given to a person wishing to do something but having commenced it, then good can only fertilise the soul in that person for the rapid growth of laziness and other weeds.

The people unable to do the desired deed are something else.


The performance of a good deed can only be preceded by the rational awareness that “it will be good”.

But this will not enrich the soul but it will only be a path to spiritual treasures.

Enrichment of soul will be attained by a deed coming out of the pureness of heart.


If a stranger's flesh is suffering and you realise that it needs help but you do not try to do it, this indicates your faint-heartedness.


If you are aware of harm coming to the flesh and the soul of a stranger and you do not try to prevent it, then it makes you party to this evil.
And leads away the soul towards the darkness.


Do not seek to judge someone who has stumbled, for he is unfortunate.

He, who is judging someone unfortunate, is himself nothing less than unfortunate.


Do not insult the one who has insulted you, for then you will practically be like him.

Never respond to the coming coldness with coldness, whatever the pain you might feel.

As nothing coming out of your heart will ever fall away  it remains among people.

Your coldness in respond will not destroy the coming to you coldness but will add it up.

Not darkness can dispel the darkness but light.


Do not doubt of the good deeds, but have doubts about the evil ones.

Awful and unreasonable is the striving to accuse someone of not doing one or another good deed attributed to him.


Strive to reach the heights of spiritual Love, one of the three sisters of the Mother of Perfection.

It occurs between man and the surrounding world, the people as well as the animals and the plant life.

This Height is unavoidable for everyone who ascends.

But this path is very long for most of the people.

To move along it means to strive to give immeasurably the warmth of your soul to the surrounding you.

But the first steps for many people will be extremely hard.

Therefore you need to proceed to personal purification.

In certain time the warmth of your soul will increase so that you will be able to give it to those who surround you.

But do not look at what will be done in return for your good.


Do not avoid temptations.

For the true purification of the soul is only in the immediate overcoming of each temptation.

If you feel a lack of strength in this purification, then seek a man who will give you the strength.

This man is already waiting for you.

Remember the God's words: “Do not walk the short path for not everyone will enter into My kingdom.”


Do not retire from the world.

For the Blessing you seek must be passed on from one man to another  only this is the power.

The Blessing is like a river  it must not cease.

It enters into you and then, ennobled, it should always continue to flow to another person.


When the river flow ceases it degenerates and turns into a swamp.


Take your souls close to the Heights of repentance.

But true repentance is not only the confession in words of your shameful deeds.

But true repentance lies in your ability to open your soul to God.

And the ability to feel the pain or the loss of the man or any other creature of the animal or plant world which you have violated.

As to the repenting of a personal weakness, the ability to feel it, opening your soul to God, indicates your capability to use His Blessing to overcome this weakness.

God can help only those who have opened completely their souls to Him.

Is it wise to ask for help while closing the door at the one who is about to help you?


Do not seek to judge the Great.

A true judgement of the Great can be made only by someone possessing even Greater.

The striving to find mistakes in a man, and especially someone who is striving to do more good things than you do, indicates the poverty of your soul.


Meet the difficulties of life with an open soul and pure thoughts.

They have been granted from above to form your soul.

Only an unwise man can complain about the reverses of his fortune.

The greatest sufferings will experience those who are most attached to the material wealth.

And those following the principle of taking, more than giving.


You should not complain of not being able to start from the beginning.

Why to start from the beginning if it is possible to ascend without limit?

It is never too late to make the first steps towards the righteousness.

But the earlier you step onto this path, the more litter you will be able to discard from your soul.


Do not try to hurry the time and do not try to run ahead.

This is vanity and it leads only to unreasonable deeds.

For he who strives to go faster will always be last.

But beware of laziness.


Those running and shuffling are just raising more dust.

If you feel the need to do something, but you do not know how, then do not attempt to do it.

If you are aware of the action  do not think it can be postponed.

If you are aware of the action, then do it firmly and with no hesitation.


Strive for personal purification without looking at your achievements in the field of creativity.

For the higher your achievements are, the more harm you can bring to your neighbours.

Every man in the world is a summit, irrespective of the level of his achievements.

If you cannot create something greater you remain a summit for the children.

If you create great things you will be summit for the rest of the people.

Many people having certain vices rest on one or another summit, who possesses the same vices.

But the greatest danger lies in the fact that the young people acquire a variety of vices looking at the vices of their favourite summits.

Remember! He who does not strive for personal purification becomes a party of Satan.


Do not demand the other people’s better possessions but rejoice.

And if you can choose, take the worst and leave the best for the others.


Do not dirty the thoughts of your mind whether your good will be rewarded or not.

For man will never be able to purify himself truthfully and reach Spiritual Heights while he is thinking about the deserved reward.

The true purification is a righteous labour out of the inappeasable demand of the soul.


Do not strive to see in yourself something greater than your neighbours and even more  to demonstrate it.

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled. (Luke 14:11)

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded. (Luke 12:48)

For the Lord looks not at the extent of abilities, but at the diligence of carrying the predestined burden.

For what is the sense if you begin to do something great but you do it wrong?

Blessed will be the one who has assesses his capabilities of creator at their true worth, without looking at the stature of his position.

For the existence of the notion ‘most prestigious’ itself, is a sign of an ill society.


Once a man approached the spring of life-giving water and began to prance around on his beautiful horse, demonstrating his significance and the height of his position.

But time passed on and the man felt thirsty.

Then he got down from his horse, knelt, bowed to the ground and began to drink water from the spring.

This moment it seemed to him that he had tasted nothing sweeter.

Strive to reach the truth of Humility.

For only the Humility will help you get in touch with the Highest.


Do not blame the man for a spoilt thing if it has been done without design, 
Whatever value the thing might have.

If a man has deliberately destroyed something, then the reproach should not seem like the object is more valuable than the soul of the person who has done the bad deed.

But the reproach is not a pouring out of cold on the destroyer, but a strictness and a great regret that the soul of this man still keeps the capability to destroy.


He who has stumbled should not hurry to be disappointed, but should find hope.

For the falling down needs no effort, but to rise is a hard work.

He who has fallen into the water can not get out dry. Only time will let him dry up, and the stronger the sunlight, the shorter this time will be.


Do not commit adultery.

This makes you inclined to the carnal pleasures and makes you blind to the fact that you harm the soul of the other one.

To harm another one's soul is the greatest sin.

Your ability to harm the soul reduces you to an useless creature.

The attractive images, which occur to the man contemplating a woman, are not under the control of his mind.

The occurrence of these images is not a trespass.

But if the man let it out in the form of words or deeds, then he commits sin,
As this brings about a temptation of harming the people’s soul.


The admiration of the beauty, with no feeling of envy and aspiration of possession, is a measure of purity.

The law of adultery regards only those bound by marriage.

It does not affect the divorced ones.


Obedience is a very important and difficult art.

The purity and beauty of obedience completely depend on the purity if the teacher's soul.

This is true for the social standards as in the parental circle.

Always remember that the mind of your listeners may not understand your truths not only because of their inferiority, but also because they have far greater foresight than yourself.


Do not laugh at the thoughts of another one, even if he is foolish, but try to consider them.

If the thoughts are not clear, try to understand. If you see imperfection in what you have heard then improve it by your own thoughts.

But the rejection of what you have heard, which was intended to good, but which you failed to understand, is an influence of the devil on your soul.

Learn to weigh up reasonably your thoughts and those of your company.


Strive to reach harmony between the Divine and Natural Principles in your essence.

The mind is given to you to create this harmony,
Thereafter it can develop itself truthfully.

If the mind initially develops itself, it will acquire an incurable ailment.


Get to know yourself and your capabilities, so as to be able to eliminate the illnesses.

From now on the flesh is to cure itself.

In the most cases the illness is a punishment for the inability to keep your flesh in harmony with Nature.

In this case it is unwise to seek help elsewhere.

Strive to get in harmony with the activity of Nature and of your flesh.

This will keep you from different illnesses and will give you great abilities.


Do not strive to know more and more.

For the quality of man depends not on amount of his scientific knowledge.

Man needs to know only what helps him develop his true capabilities in harmony with the surrounding life.


The aspiration to disclose every encountered mystery by means of science is a sign of a sick mind.


Develop your imagination.

This is a powerful means of true acquiring of comprehension of the Being.

The inability to cultivate a fertile soil for the development of the imagination in yourself, as well as in another one, is a sign of an inferior mind.


You should not go to your aim focusing only on it.

Move firmly and determinedly but try to be attentive to everything around.

There is nothing accidental in the Universe. Obstacles are placed on your path to strengthen your particular capabilities while attempting to strike you down on the chosen path.

Good knowledge is given to enrich you so that you see the true sense of the aim.

If you hurry, you are inattentive to the appearing blessings, and notice only the obstacles, then you will reach your aim exhausted and poor.

And it will look featureless and undeserving.


Beware of ardour. For under the influence of this dope a man is capable of bringing coldness or evil to another man and even not behold it.

This is the path truly leading away from Spiritual Perfection.


In a conversation between two brothers, one of them, apologising, pointed out a flow in the other's soul, urging him to get rid of the defect so that strangers would not laugh at him.

The other feeling angered said with displeasure,' 'You had better first look at yourself.'

Thereupon he left. But one of the people passing on the street, a man, came up to him and, barely audibly, urged him to putt right some little thing that as wrong with his clothes.

Because he was a neat person and embarrassed at finding himself in this awkward position, he thanked the stranger and put right what happened to be wrong.

He did''t even notice that there was something wrong with the clothes the stranger was wearing.'


When outer well-being dominates inner well-being, them this is a sign of an approaching catastrophe.

It was said by an ancient that why beholdest thou the mote that is in the brother's eye , but considerest not the beam that is in thy own eye.

Now I say to you, do not seek to laugh at the flaws of a man who was the first to point out your own flaw.


Be a worthy master of your feelings and desires.

Learn to single out sinful lust.

For the one who goes into the quagmire will require yet greater strength to get out.

It was said by an ancient that he who is angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of judgement.

Now I say: whoever gets angry with another - even if he has done bad - will be put on trial.

For even the ability to get angry will not allow the true flowering of the soul.

But do not restrain your desires which give peope help and joy.

Let this stream flow and become a full-flowing river.

Do not avoid suffering caused by not-being-able to help those who need help.

For the experience arising of these sufferings is a sign that the soul is reaching the Summit of Perfection.

Do not restrain feelings of joy at the he joy of another man.

For your joys will strengthen the joy of the one who received the good.


Be moderate when satisfying the lusts of the flesh.

Constant indulgence of the flesh leads to a suffering of the soul, even after the death of the flesh.

The more irrationally the man has acted in the satisfaction of his desires, the greater his sufferings will be.

The flesh can use only those ways of satisfying itself that do not harm to the flesh itself or to that of others.

Which do not harm one's own soul or someone else's.

Which do not run counter to the ways determined by Nature.


The reasonable limited for indulging earthly lusts lies at the point where man, at any moment, can refuse satisfaction of these lusts in the name of spiritual advancement.


Find your place in Nature.

But in seeking it rely on the warmth of your heart and on the cold of your reason.

In recent times this cold has gained the upper hand over the warmth of the soul.

Some considerable time will be needed to restore the initial true sense of choice.

But note - a place in Nature and a place in society are not one and the same thing, though they are interwoven.

A place in Nature is defined by natural manifestations which concern the development of man ' s possibilities in harmony with Nature.

This predestination laid down in every person from the time of the birth of the flesh.

A place in society is an artificial manifestation acquired during the course of one ' s life.


A parent is valued nor only in his love, but in his ability to teach his child for love for his surroundings.

For what is the use of your love if your child carries misfortune from you to the world.


Do not demand respect from your children, for what you have grown, so you must gather.

Parents! Do not lose spiritual ties with your children.

In order to seek their respect later.


The spiritual ties stronger than the kindred tie.

If a child is on a higher spiritual level, the only rational course of action is to try to achieve the same level, without being shamefully aware of your superior age.

For what worth does such superiority have if your experience has not reached the height your child has reached.

person ' s maturity cannot be judged by the number of years he has lived.

A sense that one ' s pride has been hurt by the power of the sons' words is a sign that the soul is strewn with litter.


If a child strives to do good to people, then, however absurd this striving, you must always give him the necessary support.

For the path he has chosen is very hard. But it is true. Without your support your child may veer from the True Path and his value to the people surrounding him will be lost.

But one who is persistent will still find spiritual support elsewhere.

And then the worth of the stranger will be much higher than your worth as a parent.


Do not strive to get away from childhood but get to know its truth.

For in childhood there appears those possibilities which a man must develop throughout his entire life.

Maturity is not in opposition to childhood, but an extension of it.

But the essence of childhood is to take, while that of maturity is to give away.


Respect and preserve spiritual works which have been created by human hands

For it is in these creations that the spirit of past generations continues to live on the Earth.

Thanks to this spirit, the spirit of the presents able to live.


Learn to worship Beauty and strive to create it according to your abilities.

But put into the process of creation the warmth of your soul and the desire to bring joy to those who have beheld and acquired it.


D o not use alcohol in order to make yourself happier.

It ma be used only as a natural method of healing.

Unwise use of alcohol is caused by the sick mind as a craving to satisfy the flesh.

A yearning to please the flesh always ends in suffering.


Do not compare a person with any other person or with any norms.

For he is the embodiment of Nature's great diversity.


In his married life a man must have a single chosen one.

For Natural Love can exist only between two who join together.

Natural Love is one of the three sisters of the Mother of Perfection and arises between a man and a woman.

He who moves away from this closes the Gates to Perfection before him.

If as man seeks to have several wives then he merely displays weakness towards the demands of the flesh and an inability to achieve harmony in Natural Love.


If you ask questions when you are seeking to know and reason an answer, you need an interlocutor who is equally able to alter his way of thinking when reasoning what he has heard.

If you ask questions when you yearn to follow what you have heard, then you need to be in contact with the source, Itself, and not the bearer of drops from different sources.

It is unwise to reason about the essence of the Truth flowing from the Source.

For the reasoning itself admits a different understanding. A different understanding of Truth is a false truth.


The mind is unable to grasp the spiritual.

It must determine whether the thing is a blessing or is harmful.

Thereafter, the soul has started on one or another path towards spirituality.

It is useless trying initially to grasp with one's mind the Essence of Spiritual Ascent.


If you want to see then open your eyes.

If you want to hear then open your ears.

If you want to quench your thirst, then open your lips.

It is unreasonable to strive if you have locked out your door.

But to open, it means grasping what comes in and not measuring it with one 's own yardstick.


Make a worthy appraisal of your flesh.

For the flesh is given so as to form the soul through the forming of other souls.

The flesh is called to turn spiritual abilities into visible and tangible results for people around.

Only with the help of the actions of the flesh can the souls be formed.


Do not blame a person who has left life of his own will.

For if a man does not develop spiritually, then the devil can easily lead him to such an end.

Man does this without the strength to oppose this temptation.

He who has fallen exhausted is not a sinner.

The sinner is the one who walked beside him and never extended his hand at a time.


Once a man came to the shore of a beautiful sea.

He was so charmed by it that he immediately started to build a hut not far from the line of the surf.

One day when he came back from hunting in the local forest, he found that the hut and all its contents had perished in the sea-water of the tide.

And for a long time afterwards the wretched man cursed the beautiful sea.

Know the truth of harmony with the Nature so that you do not feel sick and for nothing when you are in Natures back yard.


Destroy nothing without reason.

However small it is and in whatever state you find yourself.

Being able to destroy, without weighing the reason for it, is the sign of a petty mind.


If want you listen, then go where they speak.

If want you speak then go where they listen.

It is senseless to speak where others are seeking to speak.