General Information

Personal Info

Date and place of birth

December 17, 1947, Georgia (former USSR)

Contact Info

Department of Electrical Engineering,

Microelectronics Research Center,

Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel 

Tel. +972-4-8293894


Google Scholar: Vissarion (Beso) Mikhelashvili

ResearchGate: Vissarion (Beso) Mikhelashvili

Areas of research interest 

  • High-K ultra thin dielectric films for VLSI (processing technologies and physics).

  • Current flow mechanisms in MIS, MIM , MS , PN and PIN structures.

  • Non-Volatile memory FETs on Silicon used metallic nanoparticles as charge storage sites. 

  • Planar MIS, MISM type photosensors (current and capacitance) sensitive in 220 to 880 nm wavelength range based on SOI. 

  • Blue, green and red light emitting semiconductor diodes (processing, technologies and physics).

  • Design and technology of multilayer optical stacks (anti reflection coatings, high reflection mirrors, band, short and long pass filters).

  • Quantum Dash and Quantum Well laser diodes and optical amplifiers (physics and design). 

Academic Degrees



M.Sc. in electronics, Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Physical Engineering, Tbilisi, GSSR; 

A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Leningrad, USSR.



Ph.D, Institute of Semiconductors of the Academy of Sciences of  UkSSR, Kiev

Research Appointments


The Optical Communication Laboratory (head Prof. Gadi Eisenstein), Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.


Head of Laboratory of Technology and Design of New Optoelectronic Structures and devices, Research Institute of Microelectronics (MION), Tbilisi, GSSR.



Head of Laboratory of Photoelectric and Luminescent Phenomena in semiconductor devices, Research Institute of Microelectronics, (MION) Tbilisi, GSSR.



Senior Staff Scientist, Department of Optoelectronics                               

Research Institute of Microelectronics (MION), Tbilisi, GSSR



Ph.D. student, Member Research Staff, Department of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, Institute of Semiconductors of the Academy of Science of UkSSR, Kiev.



Member Research Staff, Department of Thin Dielectric films, Research Institute of  Microelectronics (MION), Tbilisi, GSSR