Skyline® Solar Collector


The "Skyline" Solar Thermal Collector

(Model 10-01 / 10 square feet)

is lightweight, easy to install, yet still powerful 

with a premium "black crystal" copper absorber. The all 

aluminum frame is attractive and beautifully designed. As 

an added bonus, Solar Solutions uses an unbreakable 

Polycarbonate cover that is much lighter and safer to 

glass, which also features a 10 year warranty and a 

design expectation of 20 years.


Polycarbonate Glazing

10-01 "Skyline" Collector/System Features:

Our light-weight "Skyline" Collectors are safer and easier to install.

Each Skyline collector weights just 19 lbs, but with the exclusive roll-formed all aluminum enclosure it is very tough.

Unbreakable, Long life, Twin-wall Polycarbonate Glazing.
Available in "Dove Grey" as the standard color and 24 Optional Colors are available for special order.  (additional charge for optional colors)
SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corporation) OG100 Rated (Qualifies for the Federal 30% Tax Credit)
Eligible for VI Energy Office Rebates
High Performance all copper "Black Crystal" absorber.
Has passed 150 plus mile per hour wind tests in the laboratory and in the field.

Owner's Manual included with collector(s).

10 Year Limited Warranty - designed to last over 20 years!


BUT Installation consultation services available to the DIY installer or handyman at no additional cost.  (Install it yourself and save hundreds of dollars)

At only 20 inches wide it fits easily under the arm and is easy and safe to carry by one person.  Ideal for the do it yourselfer!

10-01 "Skyline" Collector Parts List:

10 S/F Collector

(4) 1 1/2" Mounting Ell brackets

(8) Color-coded screws to attach mounting ells

(4) Large washers

Our 10-01 Collectors Are Easy to Carry!
Four 10-01 Stacked Collectors
Two 10-01 Collectors, Stacked Configurations
Four 10-01 Collectors, Stacked/Side by Side Configuration