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     Solar Solutions introduces to the Virgin Islands the latest solar water heating technology available at reasonable prices everyone can afford.     

  Our mission is to assist every Virgin Island household in converting their existing electric hot water heater to a solar water heating system.  Converting to a solar water heating system can save nearly one forth of the energy consumed in most homes.  Solar Solutions has a vision of reducing pollution in our environment and helping Virgin Islanders reduce their current WAPA electric bills and what we do each day is contributing to that vision.

     Solar Solutions is a certified dealer in the VI Energy Office’s Rebate Program.  All of our systems are eligible for VI Energy Office Rebates.  All our systems are SRCC rated and as such qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credits.

     Our company is headquartered in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.  Our Skyline® Solar Collectors are state of the art with over 17 years of refinement and are designed for maximum energy efficiency and savings.  We look forward to working with you towards a brighter and more energy efficient future here in America’s Paradise.

"Solar Solutions converts WAPA powered hot water heaters
SOLAR powered hot water heaters."