Visual Literacy Boot Camp

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Brian Kennedy - Visual Literacy: Why We Need It

Tips & Tricks

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<I am reasonably well-versed in PP as well>


Use these two images and either Keynote or Power Point to:
  1. Add blue sky from photo on right to the sky on the left
  2. Night sky
  3. Fireworks
  4. "Other" (Be creative!)
We will not overly concern ourselves with '©' for the purposes of these exercises. It IS important but not our focus today.

How did we go? Quick tutorial..?

Let's All Follow the Class Credo:


Bronze Level

  1. Make an icon or logo
  2. Make a poster with a simple, effective message (Extra "points" for finding fonts that match your message style from DaFont or Font Squirrel)

Silver Level

  1. Make an infographic using graphs and visuals (directionality) to make a BIG idea/data series more immediately accessible
  2. Make a presentation to share what you are learning here with your colleagues/classes

Gold Level

  1. Make an animated digital story (BONUS Points for embedding it in your blog/website as a movie file)
  2. Make a video employing what you have learned or teaching an important concept or skill to your students for YouTube

How many challenges have you completed to this point?

Need to refresh? Take a look at this short video about an overlooked Google tool that can be used to create incredible visuals. These ones are simple but this guy can make real works of art as well.


Make a simple vector drawing. (Use slideshow software or even Google drawings)

As creative a skill as this is, if you are not an art teacher, it may be considered an extension activity for students in need of original images for weening off of the work of others.

Of course, sometimes you just can't find what you are after so you HAVE to get creative!

A word on directionality:

  1. Draw attention inward
  2. Consider "eye traffic"
  3. Uneven or slanted positions can add interest

Still Have Time?

  • Do another challenge or ask a question
  • Start planning for use within your curriculum

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