Trip to Sinhgad

Weekend tour around Pune , Mumbai.

My Trip to Sinhgad Fort Around Pune

Hi All..  This is Vikram . I visited Sinhgad 5th July 2008 with my wife and my friend couple. It is one of the best place i have ever visited in my life.I have been to Shimla , Manali , Kullu , Dalhouzee , Dehradoon , Lonavla , Khandala  and some other hill staions but Sinhgad is simply mesmerizingly fabulous place lushed with greenery all around.I just can not forget that moments.After a hectic and tightly packed week in office i wanted something which will release all tensed and tight nerves in my body by refreshing my mind and to tell you the trush sinhgard is the place which can make you feel ecstatic and fresh.

We started journy around 7:00 Am in the morning and we reached there around 7:45 AM.I think this is the best time to visit sinhgarh as you will find so much greenery all around and fresh morning air which will give you indication of refreshing time you gonna have next.I found a very few people in the way to sinhgad and it feels so good that you are at some place which is so diffirent from your daily life where you see lots of people around you bothering you now and then.

Around Pune SingadFirst place we found in our way to sinhgad was Khadakwasla Lake.View of the Lake was so beautiful and amazingly fresh.It was looking like a small beach.We stayed there for sometime and took some photographs with my CANON Powershot A570 IS Camera and enjoy the cool breeze around the lake and scenic beauty of the lake.we felt that this was the place we were thinkingfor so long to visit.

When we reached there weather was just awsome , it was raining slowly and we was feeling that we are walking in the clouds and the view was just so romantic and lovely.

Beautiful Singad

 After that we head towards fort and there was greenry all around and i cant resist myself to click some more photographs with my friends.My photographs will give you rest of the desctiption of the visit(Visit gallary section of the website). We enjoyed each and every monent of the trip and we spend some good quality time and go fully refreshed to work over the next weekend.



My Trip to Sinhgad

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