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For the last decade, it has been nearly impossible for Israelis and Palestinians, the two peoples who share this land, to meet in a plain and normal encounter.  The 'Breaking the Walls' tours of Visit Palestine allow us to bring people from both sides of the 'fence' and to break the mental walls that were created at the backdrop of the forced physical alienation. 


We aim to create a meeting place for Israelis and Palestinians, to give faces to faceless people and to learn names of unknown roads.


We believe that as more and more Israelis and Palestinians will meet one another, in their home towns and cities, both sides will be able to hear each other directly and discover the 'other side'.  Once we build trust and create bonds between us, whoever is truly looking for Peace will be able to find it.


To achieve this, we offer day trips to the least toured places by Israelis in recent years – Area A territories, areas under the civilian and security control of the Palestinian Authority.


Entering Area A territories is done with the IDF's approval as well as with the collaboration of the Palestinian Authority.


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