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This is a resourceful website that will help classroom teachers & educators plan their trip to the Newark Museum, as well as plan for activities for after the trip.  Our main goal is to engage interest in the students and allow them to have a thirst for knowledge prior and after visiting the Newark Museum.  Our group visited the Newark Museum and was stunned by the many exciting and cultural exhibits displayed for elementary school students. Even though some exhibits were more advanced than others for specific age groups, there was something for everyone at any grade level.

With discussing about the Six Elements of Social Justice, the museum covered all of the elements and aspects, please see our link to your right to learn more on how you can incorporate this design into your lesson.

The Newark Museum opens up a whole new chapter in the realm of learning. 
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Michael P. Lee
Jacy Macias
Katelyn Viverito


The Newark Museum, established as the largest New Jersey museum, invites you to enjoy unforgettable experiences in the arts and natural sciences.  Take an inspirational journey through 80 galleries of world-class collections including American, Asian, African and Classical.

Experience another era in the Victorian Ballantine House—a National Historic Landmark.  Enjoy our exciting science collections, from live animals in the Mini Zoo to space travel in our popular planetarium.  Stroll through our beautiful sculpture garden, visit our museum shops and enjoy a delicious lunch or snack at our café.


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