Picnic Spots, Parks in Lucknow - Gardens in Lucknow -Information and Images

Kukrail Picnic Spot 
-a most liked picnic spot of Lucknow   -this place is best for holidays and weekends.
 Dream Valley Resort   
Away from the noise and pollution of the city, this is also one of the most preferred picnic spot of the city.
 Dilkusha Garden 
A historical place and historical garden.  Really beautiful greenery, this garden is pleasing place to visit. 
Lucknow is a city of beautiful gardens, parks and  picnic spots.  Some were developed during the time of Nawabs while few are new. That is why a number of localities in Lucknow are called with suffix 'bagh' e.g. Alambagh, Charbagh, Dalibagh, Khurshidbagh, Telibagh, etc. 

People visit these gardens, parks   in large numbers on  holidays, week-ends  and also during morning and evening time. Main picnic spots of the city are Kukrail Picnic spot near Indira Nagar,, Zoo in Hazratganj, Dilkusha Garden, Indira Dam (Dream Valley), Shaheed Smarak.  Begum Hazrat Mahal Park in Hazratganj, Gulab Vatika, Buddha Park,   Lohia park in Gomti Nagar,  Swarn Jayanti Park ,Aurobindo Park in Indiranagar and Residency.

Dilkusha Park in  Cantt. -quite near Governor House,   Globe Park (near Begum Hazrat Mahal Park), , Haathi Park, Buddha park, Musa Bagh and Neebu Park  near Bara Imambara are some of the most liked places. The sprawling National Botanical Garden at Sikandarbagh on the bank of Gomti river is also worth visiting. 

Lucknow evenings have been popular as "Shaam-e- Avadh" and people either used to visit Hazratganj,  embankment of Gomti river or parks during leisure hours. However, with the change of time, people now prefer to use the parks for morning walks and move in Malls during evening.
In a recent  innovative  study,  published in Feb/March 2013,  in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh from Scotland revealed that brain fatigue and stress can be eased simply by strolling through a leafy park/garden.

This site  endeavours  to provide you information about these parks, picnic spots, gardens, parks adjoining historical monuments, and also a number of  Images, photos, etc. of Lucknow Parks and gardens.

Gardens and Picnic Spots in Lucknow:

1 Kukrail Picnic Spot 
-a most liked picnic spot of Lucknow.  Situated in Kukrail Forest near Indira Nagar, Lucknow, this place is best for holidays and weekends.

Kukrail Picnic spot is a  very beautiful and green place to enjoy picnic during winter season in particular. It is in fact Kukrail Reserve Forest and a  Gharial rehabilitation centre).It is situated near Indira Nagar locality and is about 25 Kilo meters from Lucknow Airport and about 10 Kms from Charbagh Railway station.

An entrance fee of Rs.5 or 10 is tobe paid at entrance gate. There is a small museum inside in addition to different type and age of Ghariyal inside. 

This is a really a nice  place to spend the whole day with your family and friends.. Basically it was developed for the preservation and development  of Crocodiles, Gharial. The Kukrail forest is spread in very wide area.  In this forest you can enjoy the beauty of lush green ground, beautiful flowers and trees. You can carry different type of outdoor games like Badminton, Flying Disc, etc. to play inside. There is a canteen inside where you can have cold drinks, snacks,etc. It is also a good place for children as they can enjoy a number of swings  installed in the park.

2.Dream Valley Resort  - Away from the noise and pollution of the city, this is also one of the most preferred picnic spot of the city. This beautiful Picnic spot is situated near Indira Dam. It is unique in itself- a canal that flows over the  river Gomti. The sight of the water gushing with such great force looks awesome, somewhat an experience that you should not miss to see. So while you watch the water flowing below you, it's difficult to resist the thrill that you are standing over flowing water which is infarct a road.   Hence it is a 3 tier bridge. Down below is river, in between flows Sharda Canal and on that a road is made where trafic moves from Faizabad road to Gosaiganj. Distance :It is around 25 Kms. from Hazratganj.You may go by road (1) Reach Amity University, Gomti Nagar. Road adjacent to Amity University goes to Indira Dam. Have right hand turn, cross Railway crossing. Go direct. This road goes to Indira Dam. The Resort is on other site of River Gomti. Cross the Indira Dam Bridge. Have left hand turn, drive slowly as the road goes deep downward. There is also a road connection through Faizabad Road.  You can have more information 

3. Dilkusha Garden - A historical place and historical garden.  Really beautiful greenery, this garden is pleasing place to visit.  

It is not just a picnic spot but a historical places. The remains of the monuments provide vivid picture of golden times of Awadh. It is most favorite te place for young generation. 

Situated just few miles away  from Hazratganj on Sultanpur road it has well maintained beautiful gardens covered with green grass and flowers. Entrance fee : Nominal. Parking facility: Yes

4. Lohia Park  

Sittuated in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park in Lucknow is a boon for all those who like gardens. It is situated in  Gomtinagar, Lucknow. This park is developed on the name of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, a  great Socialist and Philosopher. Lohia Park  is designed and constructed by LDA and is spread over Eighty acres of land in the trans-Gomti area.

A beautiful  artificial lake is developed in the area of about 15,00 Sq. Meters of land. An attractive tower and statue of Dr. Lohia can be seen in the park. You can view a number of trees of  different varieties planted all over in the garden. This garden is most desired place for joggers and morning walkers of the nearby areas. 

Entrance Fee: Rs. 5/- per head (Fee unto 12 years chiGldren)

Montly Pass fee :  Rs. 50/- only

Parking Fee: Rs. 10/- Car, Rs. 5/- Scooter, Rs. 2/- Cycle

Park Timing: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

5.  Swarn Jayanti  Upvan  Park
, Ashiyana, Lucknow

Adjacent to Smriti Upvan Park, there is another most beautiful  park equipped with walking trails, swings, benches and large number of green trees. Thousand of well grown trees of different species, green grass lawns, etc. make it the best park of the area.

Lucknow Zoo Museum

6. Lucknow Zoo  and Lucknow

Lucknow zoo


Established in  1921 Lucknow Zoo   is  oldest in Northern India. On June 4, 2001, it was renamed as Lucknow Zoological Garden. Lucknow Zoo is spread over 70 acre area and it  has about 447 mammals, 34 birds, 57 reptiles and a total of 97 different species of wild animals along with so many attractions as Museum, Toy Train, Aquarium, etc.

7. Lucknow Residency -  

It has been a witness of the First war of India's  Independence in 1857. Situated at the bank  of  river Gomti, its roofless buildings and smashed walls spread in a vast area of more than 30 acres stands witness to one of the most memorable siege of this British Fort by the brave forces of India's Independence in the year 1857.

8. Swarn Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park  - (Fitness Track) Sector 25, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Tickets : Rs.2/- only  Children upto 12 Years Rs. 1/- only; Monthly Pass : Adults Rs.30, Children Rs. 15; Monthly Pass for family of 4 :  Rs. 60 only 

9. Arbind Park 

This beautiful park is a boon for local residents. It has 40 Meter Jogging Track. A nice place for morning walk. , Morning/Evening Walk :  Entry Tickets : Rs. 2/- ,For children upto 12  and Senior citizens above 65 : Rs. 1/- only. 

10. Buddha Park -  Buddha Park and Hathi Park are situated on the bank of river Gomti near Daliganj bridge.  A small but beautiful Buddha Park is a number one choice of Lucknow's children. A number of swings are the main attraction in addition to artificial river where you can enjoy paddle Boating. 



11. Hathi Park  -A nice park near Daliganj bridge.  Most liked by Children. 

12.(i)    Smriti Upvan Park , Ashiyana, Lucknow  - Remains closed on Monday....(Park may be presently closed for maintenance.. )


(ii) Smriti Upvan Park  both are  situated in Ashiyana, Bungla Bazar, Lucknow

they are  boon for morning walkers and also children who enjoy to play on its green grass lawns. In morning and evening it is  most liked place for people living in the nearby areas.  
.  You can have more information here


13.  Jyotiba Phule Zonal Park, Lucknow, UP, India-Photos

Welcome to Zonal Park, Lucknow. You will love to know about this beautiful park and to view the live images and photos of the Park. 

Foundation Stone of the Zonal Park  in Sector D-1, Kanpur Road Housing Scheme, Lucknow, was first laid on 12 October 2005 by the then Chief Minister of the UP. 

14. Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Globe Park, Lucknow
15. Globe Park- a neglected park - This globe used to rotate and had been a great attraction to visitors. 


16.  Botanic-Garden-Lucknow, Ashok Marg, Lucknow -complete information

17Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow - Entry : Free, Car Stand : Rs. 10/- .  You can also enjoy boating at Rs. 40/- only (Full boat).

 Entry : Free, Car Stand : Rs. 10/- .  You can also enjoy boating at Rs. 40/- only (Full boat).

a look from Gomti River Side  Another Smarak at Same Place 

18.   New Laxman Park, Nishat Ganj Bridge, Lucknow. Entry fee : nominal

Some Images:

19.    Musa Bag   and   Joggers Park, Hardoi Road 

20.   Zonal Park   -You will love to know about this beautiful park and to view the live images and photos of the Park

21. Janeshwar Mishra park, Lucknow- Named after late socialist and Samajwadi Party leader Janeshwar Mishra,   this  sprawling park was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for general public  on August 5, 2014.  Two  water lakes is an added attraction.  In addition,  a Cycle Station near Main door will have enough cycles.   Cycles will be available free cost for the visitors for have a ride on cycle upto 5 kilometer. New swings are there for children to enjoy in children play ground. Entry is FREE.   No charges even for Swings. 

 View More information and  latest photos of Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow

21.   The River Retreat - (Nadiya Kinare Restaurant]- A unit of UP State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Near Laxman Mela Ground, Lucknow. A really beautiful place on the bank of River Gomti for a picnic or family party. You can also enjoy boating in River Gomti.  Contact : Phone: Mr. Rakesh Pandey, Manager : 9454615057

22. Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park  - On Rai Bareli Road, Lucknow

23. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Gomti Park Musical Fountain, Lucknow

24. Gomti Vihar -2, Near Gomti River

25. Gomti Vihar 1 :  upcoming - The Park is not ready for Visitors.


Eco Park, Lucknow26. ECO Park 

Vansthali Park, Lucknow
27. Vansthali Park - Ashiyana, Lucknow -  You may see below 

some more  Images of the park:

Lucknow Parks
Watch Tower        

Dense Forest type Trees in Garden
 Beautiful Water Ponds

28.  Park opposite to BIRD, Kanpur Road  

29. Vilayati Bagh, Cantt. Lucknow - Constructed in 1827

30. Kalandi Van Park - is in Vrindavan Scheme of UP Housing Board, Rai Bareli Road, Lucknow-This park is developed along the Sharda Canal,. The park envisages a  five-foot deep lake with facility for boating through  pedal boats available for boating enthusiasts.



Some old gardens of Lucknow :

a. Musa Bag at Hardoi Road, Lucknow

b. Almas Bag at Hardoi Road Lucknow

c. Vilayati Bagh, Cantt. Lucknow - Constructed in 1827

d. Pasand Bagh in Gadhi Peer Khan locality, Lucknow

e. Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow

f. Sikandar Bagh - Botanical Garden, Lucknow

g.Alam Bagh remains only in Lucknow

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