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Swetts Meadow

 Welcome to Swetts Meadow!

Swetts Meadow is located in Limington, ME and owned by the state. Swetts Meadow is roughly 20-25 minutes from the USM Gorham campus. I chose this wetland because I can access it easily and I know how to get there; I drive by every week so it is convenient to stop and make observations. This wetland is classified as a Wet Meadow - dominantly freshwater forested/shrub swamp. Swetts Meadow has an access point by the roadway, and is circled by a forested area.

Wetland Characteristics

Soil classification shows that the majority of the soil in the meadow is sandy loam mixed with areas of wet peat. Approximately 56.3 acres of
Swetts Meadow has soil classified as being hydric. Soils with hydric conditions develop under saturation, flooding, or ponding conditions long enough to develop aerobic conditions in the upper portion of the soil. Based on this definition, the hydric soils at Swetts Meadow are dark and wet with high accumulation of organic matter (Web Soil Survey, 2012).

There are many water features to consider, including water table, flooding frequency, ponding frequency, and surface water. Firstly, the "water table" refers to a saturated zone in the soil (Web Soil Survey, 2012). In Swetts Medow, the depth to water table ranges from 0-25 cm where the hydric soils are located, and 50-100 cm where soil is not classified as hydric. Flooding frequency in the hydric area is considered none to rare, and the ponding frequency is classified as frequent. When I visited the wetland, there was standing water.


Vegetation I expect to see at the meadow.
The Maine DEP’s a Guide for Code Enforcement Officers (Tiner, 2012), USGA PLANT Database (USGA, 2012), and Vegetation of Maine Wetlands lecture notes (Wilson, 2012) were used to gather all information present, all accessed on 3/30/12

Wetland Type

Common Name

Scientific Name

Growth Form

Wetlands Indicator Class

Abundance (Based on site visit)


tussock sedge

Carex stricta





bluejoint reed grass

Calamagrostis canadensis





reed canary grass

Phalaris arundinacea






Scirpus litoralis





wool grass

Scirpus cyperinus




PSS3/1Eh, PSS1/EM1Eh, PFO4/2E


Spiraea tomentosa




broadleaved meadowsweet

Spiraea latifolia





Salix ___




speckled alder

Alnus incana



 Wildlife & Other Interesting Facts 


 Besides the occasional insect, I did not see any aquatic organisms. I did see some vegetation growing below the surface of the water, which needs to be identified. The wetland appeared to be in good condition, besides the rusty culvert and a sign post in the water. Since a road cuts through a portion of the meadow, it may be affected by the application of road salts in the winter, heavy metals from car exhaust, and other disturbances. It would be interesting to look into some of these factors.   

I researched Swetts Meadow on Academic Search Complete, Environment Search Complete, and Google Scholar, but no results were found. A simple google search resulted in finding some sparse information about the meadow. From TopoZone.com, I found a topographic map of the wetland - along with the following information:

            “Swetts Meadow is a Swamp in the state of Maine (county of York), located at latitude-longitude coordinates of N 43.72948 and W-70.7009. Swetts Meadow is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United States Geographical Survey map USGS Limington quad. The nearest major town is Limington, ME” (TopoZone, 2012).    

Other than this small bit of information, I found this location listed on a hunting website titled expertgps.com, catering to the York, County area. Coordinates were listed, as well as an interactive aerial map.


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Wetland information and photos by Erin Henry, Department of Environmental Science, Class of 2013
Last updated on April 24th, 2012 by Erin Henry