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Sherman Marsh Salt Marsh

Welcome to Sherman Marsh Salt Marsh

Description/Introduction/Why you'd want to visit this wetland [Photo of the wetland in the landscape], Type of wetland according to the NWI and the Maine Natural Communities website, highlights of the wetland]
History of the wetland if you know it.

Wetland characteristics [Each section should have a brief description and citations - links when possible to those sources]
1. Soils

2. Hydrology [photo of water in your wetland?]

3. Vegetation [photos of vegetation, table of expected vegetation, sources]

4. Wildlife and other interesting facts

Visiting the wetland
There is easy access to this wetland via Route 1, five minutes north of Wiscassett, at the Maine DOT rest stop. You can access the marsh inlet/outlet and tidal creek under the Route 1 bridge by walking along the access road that parallels Route 1. At the top of the bridge you can access the old town road that leads to an old bridge crossing of the west arm of the marsh. At low tide you can walk across the hard-packed bottom and access the hiking trails beyond.

Wetland information and photos by Dr. K. Wilson, Department of Environmental Science, University of Southern Maine.
Last updated on 8 May 2012 by KW.