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Beating Jetlag

If you are traveling overseas and want to beat jetlag, book an overnight flight or one that arrives in the evening when traveling East so you can either catch up on your sleep on the flight or as soon as you arrive at your destination.

     Since swelling of the feet is inevitable with long flights, walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes. Avoid too much of drinks as alcohol causes dehydration. Tank up instead on water or juices. When making reservation, remember to request for special meals if you have any food choices. This is particularly applicable for veggies. Make sure they make a note of it.



Homoeopathy Kit

Are you a nervous traveler? Always feel edgy? Many people have nervous spells when flying. Like Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, whos advised to take sleep-inducing pills before he takes a flight! Some go in for mild nerve relaxers. If you dont want to take allopathic drugs, always keep a homoeopathic kit handy. Homoeopathic medication is safe, has no side effects and effectively counters minor dis–comfort like tension, cough, sleeplessness, and even loose motions! Talk to a specialist for doses specific to your symptoms but stock up on basics like Kalium Phosphoricum (calms nerves, induces sleep) and Argentums Nitricum (relieves stomach disorders). Fly safe, fly well! 


If u choose to carry your own blanket aboard a plane,remember a few pointers.After all,it's is your safety that matters at 40,000 ft above sea level ! Make sure that the material is flame-resistant.Synthetic fibres can melt on to your skin at high temperatures.Air safety rules require airline blankets to be specially treated and rated.A general home blanket may not meet these standards.Most airline blankets are sealed in plastic to guarantee that they haven't been recyled.Some airlines sell these blankets for a small charge.So u can use the blanket and have it,too !  EARN $20 for free sign up !


Excuse me , please !

Introduce yourself to the passenger sitting next to you and excuse yourself politely if u need to get up and use the washroom

When reclining your seat back,turn around and give the person behind you a polite warning.

If u sneeze or cough,cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow or your hand so u don't spread germs about !

Come prepared with your ipod,DVD player and headphones if wailing babies affect you.

If you're wearing open-toed shoes,try to keep your feet out of the breathing space of the passenger next to u or in front of you

Try to keep your seat area clean.Throw out cups and napkins when the attendant collects them

If you'are trying to fit your carry bag in the upper bin and it doesn't fit,don't try to jam it in by crushing someone else's bag !

If you need to stretch your legs,walk back and forth but don't stand and hover over other passengers,that's invasion of their personal space

While talking on the plane,speak softly.Don't disturb fellow passengers who may be sleeping.


Overseas travellers have three shopping options :Departure lounge,inflight sales and arrival lounge.But wait ! Ever compared product prices in the three ?Yes,prices of the same products may vary ! A whisky bottle at the arrival dutyfree shop may be cheaper than in the inflight cart.Do some homework before you splurge.Check with friends who've been on that sector.Opt for small purchases at each section instead of going for all purchases in one section.Makes sense ?Shop happy !



When in as Romans do.Be friendly and respect their customs !

A smile every now and then :It's best to be one of 'them' when abroad.You are in a different country and you should try your best to adopt their style of functioning.Try not to question but comply and learn to relax instead of reacting to every new situation you encounter.Don't be pushy.Be patient,be friendly.And please learn to smile.One friendly smile says a lot.

Respect customs :Even if you don't know the language and English isn't in use,learn a few local words.At least pick up their customary greetings like 'good day' and 'thank you'.If greeted with a kiss,return it.Be respectful ;it will come in handy when you need help.It also pays to hire a guide.


A very important part of your travel gear is a calculator,more so if u are travelling abroad.Remember all those currency coneversions u may have to do at the airport and othe places ? A calculator comes in very handy here.Also,everyday before going to bed,u can keep a small check on your daily expenses by going through the amount u have spent at shopping malls,restaurants and entertainment centres.Just feed the figures,calculate and u know how much of currency u have in hand !


Make your hotel reservations in advance,especially if u are visiting a place during the festive season.U don't want to be caught without a roof over your head,do u ?Nevernegotiate room tariffs over the phone.Call the hotel twice to confirm rates.Note down the name of the person u have talked to and request a written/faxed confirmation.This way u can be sure that you will not be wrongly billed by the hotel.

It's advisable not to depend on the hotel's wake up alarm system.Carry your own little alarm clock to catch an early morning flight or that pre-dawn sightseeing trip.

When u check into your hotel,ask the reception to give u a card with the hotel's name,address and telephone number.This will come in handy if u get lost.

Check if the hotel has a hair-dryer,iron and coffee percolator to avoid carrying these gadgets.

Most hotels frown upon guests doing their own laundry in the bathrooms,but if u do need to wash some things,carry a length of nylon twine to improvise a clothesline.

Travel tip

'Enjoy the place for its real essence.Discover its people,their customs and habits and not just the landscape'


                                         Dressing Down !

Always keep a spare set of clothing in your handbag,something light which will not bloat up your kit bag.This is just to safeguard against any emergency arising out of liquid or food spills during flight.The crew may unwittingly drop hot coffee on your trousers or fruit juice.Tch,tch ! Keep a change in hand so that you feel fresh and nice and don't have to put up with a soggy,sticky garments during flight.


                                                             Come September

Every year,September is a month of fear.We've just crossed 9/11 but the alert is still on.All domestic and international airlines are following strict security procedures.So make sure you reach the airport for check in well before departure time.It's best to check with the airline what's the exact reporting time .Do not accept any packet from a stranger.

Baggage Claim : If your baggage does not arrive on the same flight as you,fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR),with a description of the baggage,a list of contents and address to which it should be forwarded to.If your baggage does not arrive at all,place a claim with the airline within 21 days.

Overbooking :Because of the coming festive season,overbooking could be a problem.If you are not in a particular hurry,volunteer to give your seat up and take the next flight.The airline will provide you a hotel room and other frills.So you can end up having an extended vacation at the cost of the airline !



                                                               Torch And Towel

Always remember to carry a few items which come in handy in any situation and any place.Here's a quick checklist :

A small knife :Useful in all emergencies,from opening beer bottles to repairing shoes ! But don't keep it your handbag.

Small flashlight :Always useful,in whatever situation.

Towels :A good absorbent one,make it a small one that dries fast.Preferably,keep it in your handbag.

Cotton socks and swimwear : A good pair of cotton socks is always handy for long walks.And so is swimwear if you are in a mood for a splash in the pool.

A small lock : Your suitcase might give away or the cupboard in your hotel room may not be secure.Keep a good spare lock with you for safety.


                                                         Lend A Helping Hand

It always pays to be a friendly and considerate passenger and to lend a helping hand.

Rule No 1 : If u see someone struggling with carry-on luggage,don't just stand by gawking - lend a hand.It will make everyone feel better and help get the plane loaded faster.

Rule No 2 : Try not to grab the back of the seat in front of u when u get up or move down the aisle.Pulling the seat back can cause the passenger in front of u to spill a drink,and it is almost certain to wake him up if he was asleep.

Rule No 3 : Help passengers sit together.If you see a couple or family looking for a seat to sit together,help them out if it doesn't inconvenience you.


                                                    Don't Go Wild In The Wild !

If you are on a wildlife vacation this festive season,make sure you follow the rules of nature or you could invite danger upon yourself.Wear clothes which have forest-friendly colours - green,brown and khaki.Never wear loud colours.Also,avoid wearing any kind of perfume as it can cause irritation to the animals.While enjoying adventurous activities like trekking and rafting make sure that you follow the safety guidelines.Never use a flash while clicking photos in wildlife parks.Flashes anger animals.And always be with your forest guide.


When you go on an elephant ride in a tiger reserve looking for the big cat,make sure the seat atop the tusker is secure and so are you.The elephant will take you deep into the forest and the journey won't be smooth at all !


Guess what's a traveller's nightmare ?Number 1 : luggage,Number 2 :luggage and number 3 :luggage! It is always advisable to travel hands free,light and carefree.But where do u carry all those jeans,tops,cosmetics,documents and must-haves ? Explore the market and invest in good branded travel organiser(actually,companion,u could say !)that would have enough room for all your needs during your short stay.Just tuck it under your seat and if u r flying,stash it away in the cabinet above.Each compartment and pocket is tailor-made to suit your requirement and so u know exactly where u have tucked away your eros,where u have kept your medicine pouch or that travel guide.Inside there's plenty of room for your clothes,camera,books....need we say more why this festive season u should go shopping for a travel partner ?


We love playing the shutterbug during vacations.Click,click,click we go at whatever we see.It's only natural because we want to record every moment of this beautiful trip.But spare a moment for the locals.Whenever you zoom in on a landmark or a scenic spot,leave out the locals or other figures please.You would not like them clicking your photos,would you ?So why click on them ?Record beauty,record memorable sights and record your partner and family.


Always carry a few gift items in your luggage.Believe me,they come in very handy when you are away from home.Ethnic goodies are always recommended but make sure they are not heavy or you would have more to carry in your already heavy handbag.Silks,beads...anything traditional would serve as great gifts or as tokens of appreaciation for your hosts(in case u choose to stay at someone's place)or to people who make a difference to your trip by helping you.Make a small note and attach it to the wrapping.It will speak volumes of your gratitude and be reciprocated at some point of time !


There are many times when we want to catch up on our sleep during travel but remain as groggy as ever for lack of a suitable sleeping                 position.Invest in a good air pillow that is customised to give you maximum comfort.Whether you are travelling by plane,train or car,inflate the pillow,adjust it to your level of softness and support and steal your 40 winks ! You'll feel fresh and relaxed when u reach your destination.You don't even have to carry the pillow around.Just deflate it and slip it into your handbag or even pocket.So happy snozzing.Zzzzz.......!


                                            No Child's Play

Travelling with children can really be a big bother but you can not leave them behind either,can you ?So if you are flying,choose a time when your child normally naps.Tire him with activities prior take off so that he goes off to sleep immediately.Give him a child-size backpack for him to carry all his toys-mini puzzles,books,play-dough.He can take them out one after the other and keep himself entertained.Take off and landing times are crucial for little ones.Give him something like chips to munch on before take off so that his ears are not clogged.If he is still on the bottle,give him juice to suck on at the time of take off and landing.For older kids,earplugs would do just as much as lollypops !


                                    Thank you so much !

There's nothing like humility,politeness and charm to win the day no matter where u are,more so when you are a traveller in a foreign land."Excuse me,could you please tell me where's the ....?And there's no way you will not get a positive response from the person you lobbed the question at.Every language across the world would have translations of please,thank u,excuse me,hello,good bye and so use them and see how they work like magic !



                             Converter Care

The next time you go shopping,remember to buy a voltage converter of a good make.The converter will ensure that all your electrical gadgets are compatible with the electrical outlets in foreign destinations,when you plan a vacation.Hair drying,ironing,mobile battery charging…all those small but essential activities that you need to carry out to look prim and proper and also to communicate will be simple.

Hot tip: drop the iron from your travel bag and carry a spray for your biz suits and crepe saris.Travel shops stock sprays.Also,avoid wrinkling clothes,roll & pack them !

Travel Sense

                  Some Food For Your Thought

Remember you want to have a good time during your vacation and don’t want to fall sick,right?So take care of what you are eating and drinking.Any food that has been boiled is generally safe,as well as fruits and vegetables that have to be peeled before eating . Pizzas ,available everywhere,are considered safe as the high heat of a pizza oven tends to kill all harmful bacteria.Also,go for meat that has been cooked just before serving and not being re-heated.You can also carry some dry snacks to satiate those hunger pangs.


While Travelling Abroad….< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

Make copies of your passports details ,insurance policy, traveler  cheques ,visas and credit card numbers.Carry one copy in separate place from the originals and leave another copy with someone back at home.Also leave a copy of your travel itinerary at home and keep in touch with people back home.Travel safe !



Spa-cially Yours !

Are you planning a spa holiday ?

Keep these pointers in mind ….

a. Plan for at least four nights.

b. Choose a spa that fits your needs.Some spas may emphasise on ‘beauty’ rather than exercise or nutrition while some scattered spa facilities ! Meet with the spa’s coordinators on arrival and decide.

c. A good gauge of a spa is the number of professionals on its staff.Does the manicurist also do  facials ?Tch tch…Not the mark of a true,specialised spa !

d. Set a goal like weight loss or stress reduction or countering menopause for a spa holiday.It will help u choose your spa well and prioritise your sessions.

e. Before you pack,find out about laundry facilities at the spa.Don’t over-pack if there’s no laundry.Carry some leggings,cheap tees,spandex shorts and sneakers.

f. Don’t gorge on fresh fruit,salads or high fibre foods from day 1 !Examine the ingredients carefully.Some recipes may contain prune nectar ;you’ll pay later !

g. Spread your appointments so that your body gets rest from exercise.Book a massage and longer sessions on days 2 and 4,as u will probably be too tired to continue exercising.

h. Do not waste time on a manicure if the spa offers you physical training or hydrotherapy for the same price.

i. Ask your trainer for  a stretch routine before you jump into heavy walking.

j. Bring along minimum make-up and no jewelry.Spas are not fashion shows !

k. Try any two new services off their catalogue,even if u aren’t aware of them.Professional spas do not offer services which have no benefits.


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