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                                      Plastic Pleasure

Remember to slip in a lot of plastic bags,preferably garment carrying bags with zippers,when you start packing for a vacation.They come in really handy.Set aside one plastic bag for each type of clothing.When you unpack your bag at your destination,you see a series of bags.Just take out the one you need without rummaging through your entire bag !Repacking is also simple.Just put each bag in and there you are,ready to say sayonara !


                           You've Got An Airplane Ear ?

Throbbing (also commonly known as airplane ear)is a common problem fliers face.The best way to tackle it is to keep the throat muscles activated.Keep chewing a gum or drinking some fluids so that you swallow and keep your ears clear.Yawning also activates the muscles that open your eustachian tube and allows air to flow into or out of your middle ear,equalizing the pressure.Never fall asleep during descent as it could block the ears.Also,avoid flying with a cold or upper respiratory congestion.Time your medication.If you have allergies,take your medicationbefore your flight.


                               Small Seat,Big Trouble

What if the passenger sitting next to you is oversized and leaving you with very little room for manoeuvre ?Relax,wait until everyone else has been seated.If the flight is not full,you can shift to a nearby empty seat before take-off.If you don't see an empty seat around,wait until after take-off,when the seatbelt light is turned off.Then excuse yourself and seek out a flight attendant.You could put it this way,"Excuse me,it looks like there's not enough room for us both to spread out."This is an excellent way to say goodbye to big trouble !


                                     No Littre,Please !

Most of us (read Indians )have very untidy holiday habits and we end up littering the tourist spots with excess food,broken bottles,plastic plates,crushed plastic bottles and what have you.Why can't we just look around for trash cans that are waiting to be used ? It's amatter of conditioning which can go a long way in inculcating these good habits in us.There are many places which impose a fine on people if found spitting on the road.There are fines for using plastic,too.So the next time you plan a trip abroad,carefully read the dos and don'ts and all civic rules before boarding the aircraft.This is the best way to arm yourself against any lapses and possible embarrassment.Happy landing !


                                    High On Hammock

The whole idea of a beach vacation is to rest and relax but most of the beaches are overflowing with tourists during the season leaving you with little space which you can call strictly yours.Never mind,just slip in a hammock into your bag this time when you plan to hit the beach and get ready for a great experience outdoors as you sunbathe and relax and generally have a swinging time.Look for a good location and fix the hammock and there you have a perfect beach bonanza !


                                  Backpack Back Up !

When you are packing things into a backpack,always remember to place the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top.This way,it will be easier for you to carry the rucksack.The bag will feel lighter as the pack rests on your lower back.These days backpacks are very common in India and sometimes used as luggage especially as carry-on bags for air travel.Also remember to place the things you need the most on top of the backpack.

Hot tip !

When heading for the outdoors,here're some mustcarry items in your backpack : water bottles,water purifier,stove/fuel,match/lighter,insulated mug,lightweight mug/spoon,knife,camp shoes,bandana.........

TRAVEL sense ----

Diaper Dynamics

If you are travelling with babies and don't know where to tuck away your valuables ,then the diaper bag is a safe bet.You can rest assured that this bag will not be the first thing to be stolen.Who would ever want to pinch a diaper bag? It's also great to use as a waste bag even when you are not travelling with a child.

Hot Tip --

Split up your Bank cards,cash ,travellers' cheques and credit cards as much as possible in different pockets,bags and wallet.In case you get robbed,you won't be strapped for cash !

TRAVEL tool ---

Moisture Mantra

Whenever you plan a trip to the hills,especially to the higher reaches,remember to carry with you loads of moisturisers and bottled water.The sun is so strong that you could end up with chapped skin and a tan which would take days to clear.Dab generous drops of moisturisers on your face,neck and arms before you set off on your journey.Also,keep drinking water or you will suffer from bouts of dehydration.You wouldn't like to fall sick on your holiday,would you ?

TRAVEL tip ----

Get Lucky With Luggage

If your travel itinerary has a couple of stopovers,divide the clothes between different suitcases,backpacks and bags.The idea is if one person's luggage doesn't arrive at the destination,there'll still be fresh clothes available.Airline companies generally don't compensate lost luggage for the first 24-48 hours and so this will save you money and headacheif it happens to you ! Imagine arriving at a destination and there's no way you can freshen up.Awful,isn't it ?


Vacation time can be pretty stressful.Constant rounds of crowded malls to fetch last-minute must-haves,call up the booking agent,call up the doc for first aid advice,go to the blank....juggling so many responsibilities can be stressful.So don't be a perfectionist,prioritize.Like don't be finicky while shopping for gifts.Remember it's the thought that counts !


Let your holiday be a time for reflection - on your life and future goals.Think what the holiday really means to you


Minimize on toiletries and avoid as much as you can on liquids.Take half a tube of toothpaste and roll it up tight.It's even better if you take tooth powder.Take half a roll of toilet paper for emergencies only,take shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo and all medicines should be in capsule or tablet form.If you are used to taking vitamins in liquid form ,opt for tablets for the trip.In these days of airline ban on liquids,it's best to avoid liquid stuff.You are also saved from ugly spills.


Always drive with your headlights on during winter

Don't get overconfident with your four-wheel drive.Drivers should allow additional room between their vehicles and others

Slow down when approaching intersections, bridges....

Avoid abrupt actions while steering ,braking or accelerating to lessen the chances of losing control over the vehicle


Winter driving needs skills to beat the fog and snow.Remember to go slow on the accelerator ,slow on braking and give yourself enough time to reach your destination safely !

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