Sixpack Biryani

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 |‘Six Packs’ Biryani Hungama


 Making six packs over stomach is a fashion and now this trend is increasing rapidly due to Cine media. Cine Heroes making their body with six packs and the followers of that hero do the same as their hero do?  This Cine hero’s impact is very much mounting on most of the youngsters. Due to this mania most of the youngsters are joining in ‘JYM’ to make as usual their hero do. The same thing has been copying in their daily life. After knowing this secret, some of the restaurants offering ‘free fat food’ like 'Sixpackshealthycuisine'. They had already started their hotels in the main cities where this crash is more to develop their business. How much exactly they offering and how extent they are promising we don’t know but this will reveal when we visit this hotels.



The real face of the Biryani is mixed-up with heavily spice, oil, ghee, other items, but as per these hotels concern in their words, they are excluding this items as per the guide lines of the ‘National Food Organization’ they are strictly following. They have been doing this business on this base. Only 7 grams of oil is using for 500 grams of Biryani. Not only Biryani, other special items like ‘Chicken chapathi’ in this item inside chapathi putting small quantity of rice, vegetarian curries, molding with some quantity of rice is their specialty. By reading this we getting hungry and a decision arise to visit this place and let take a fun and have the experience of these items.If you ask what is the difference between Hyderabad Biryani and this Biryani? After all for Hyderabad Biryani only vegetarian and non-vegetarian rice with that some masala curries available 2 or 3 boiled eggs with a quantity of rice they offer. But in this biryani, for non-vegetarian lovers chicken tikka, chicken khima, lemon basil chicken, Soya, chole-masala, have been offering and 4 types of non-vegetarian and 2 types of vegetarian jointly ‘Six pack biryani’ name was given. In these hotels two types of rice are serving, one is with rice mixed palak, second made with Kerla rice.These hotels is promising that eat in our hotel happily and we ensure you that no extra fat will increase in you after this experience. These hotels are having 8 branches in this city, if you have any doubt or any kind of information is required related to this event you can simply log on to this site where you can view their information. Will I get really six packs? Or? Just you kept this word beside you can feel very happy that we eat a healthy food in this hotel. That much satisf-action does you get.So! guys why are you waiting for just visit this place and enjoy you’re the food with fat less, and maintain your body as usual without increasing extra fat in your body.