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OSmania University

This University is named as "

OsmaniaUniversity" by Nizam the VII. In July 1934, the Nizam laid the foundation stone for the university. The university was started in a rented building near Abid Road and later shifted to its present site. Jasper was the architect. More than 35,000 labourers were employed to construct the university. The university covers an area of 1400 acres. The main building on the campus is the College of Arts & Commerce. An imposing granite structure, it is the best example of the Osman Shahi architecture. It was completed in 1939 at a cost of Rs.36 lakh and was inaugurated in the same year by its founder, Nizam VII. Other buildings were gradually added to the campus. The LawCollege, EngineeringCollege, and Science blocks have a similar architectural design. The main post-graduate library building was built later. The Tagore Auditorium was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1968.


The University campus also houses the AmericanStudiesResearchCenter and the Institute of Public Enterprise. There are ten faculties – Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Education, Law, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine and Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. There are special facilities for the study of Islamic culture, Russian, German and French languages. Special degree courses are available in modern subjects like Electronics, Astrophysics, Genetics, Astronomy, Journalism, Business Management, Public Enterprise and Public Administration. The university is the first and the only one in India to offer Military Science as a subject of special study. In 1983, a department of Theatre Arts was started which trains students in all aspects of the theatre, from folk forms, classical theatre to the contemporary theatre. There are about 200 colleges affiliated to the university.

How to visit thisplace by bus

  • From secunderabad Railway station : Reach Tarnaka in BusRoute No's 90A, 90D, 90D/A, 90L, 90M, 90R, 90U.
  • From Tarnaka bus route is 3, 3A, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3K, 3H, 3N and 136.
  • From Nampally Railway station: 136, 136B, 136D and 136N.
  • From Mahtama Gandhi bus station: 3, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3H, 3K and 3Y.
  • From Jubli Bus station:ReachSec'bad RailwayStation in Bus Route No's 21, 22, 23 and 25. From Sec'bad board bus route no 90A, 90D, 90D/A, 90L, 90M, 90R and 90U to Tarnaka. From there walkable distance.