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Ocean Park

Located at Gandipet, OceanPark is one of the first theme parks started in twin-cities and continues to be a great hit especially with children. But it is not the young ones alone who enjoy, even adults can have lots of fun here. The park has a water sportssection and another one for amusement games. Here you can relive your childhood or romp around with your children amid the various water bodies. If you enjoy the thrills of the games where the ships and trains make half and full circles, where tea cups juggle in the air and you are literally taken on a ride, then Ocean park is the place for you.


In the kids section there is a wading pool and fountain, while the adults section has the exhilarating water slides. The most exciting in the water sports though is the 100 ft slidewhere you splash through water. Then there is waves and swimming pool where adults and older children can prance together. Jet skiing is also available. The swimming pool has men’s and women’s section too. If you can pull your children out of the water there is the amusement park adjacent to the water sports section. Toy train, helicopters, huge air filled balloon, video games are available for children. For the adults there is tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails from side to side churning your insides out.


The entrance ticket of Rs 200 includes free rides in all the games. However no food can be bought from outside. There are a couple of snack bars and a restaurant inside. Men and women can enter the water sports section in shorts or buy one inside the park. If you do not mind, swimsuits are available on hire for men, women and children. A unique amusement park for the entire family. What sets it apart are the water based fun rides and water sports in which folks of all ages can cool off in the thrilling and pleasurable pools, water slides and other innovative water rides. Enjoy exhilarating water sports in a one-of-a-kind amusement park, Ocean-Park.