Hussain Sagar

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Hussain Sagar or Tank bund




Right in the middle of the lake a gigantic stone Buddha statuestands in benediction. It is said to be the second biggest free standing monolith statue in the world, being 18 meters high and weighing 350 tones. On the dam, beside the road, there is a wide swath of grass lawn and flowering plants. There are bronze statues of luminaries of Andhra Pradesh down the centuries all along the road. It is having lot of history of more than 400 years, exactly before Hyderabad build. Chief Minister Mr. Nandamuri Taraka Ramaros period, his efforts this bridge was made thus, this is also called Tank bund. He exercised to save the people who are living in this Lake, so he made this historical bridge for the sake of the people.A 13th century queen, Kakatiya Rudramma reins in a bronze horse, Arthur Cotton a Scottish (!) civil engineer who planned the dams which irrigated large tracts of the region, extremely popular people's writers and poets.




On the east side below the dam a pleasant park named Indira parkhas been laid out. Here too, several hindi and south indian films have had this location for the hero and heroine running round trees and belting out songs and showing off assorted gymnastics. 


On the far north side there is another secluded garden called Sanjivayya park. This park is now well connected by the "necklace road" which rings the lake. There is a rose garden adding beauty to the park.On the southern side, Lumbini parkhas been laid out. It is popular with kids. In season the road is a blaze of colour with hundreds of tabebuia trees bursting into bright yellow blossoms. With the bright blue sky and little dazzling purple sun birds, it makes a pretty sight.You can reach Lumbini park, NTRGardens on reaching Hussain Sagar lake.



The new Necklace roadends/starts here, skirting the lake shore and once some greenery grows it will be very popular. N. T. Rama Rao's memorial is here too, and an 'amusement park'. The necklace road is getting popular. There are "Laser fountains" on the Necklace road. During holidays people of Hyderabad swarm on the banks of the lake to view the lighting and reflections of the well lighted constructions around the lake.

To the north of the Hussain Sagar is the area of Begumpet, where the airport is located.


A large road runs through the narrow strip of land between the airport and the lake, connecting Secunderabad to Ameerpet on the west.  Another great historical step he made i.e he established the great ‘Buddha’ which is curved in a single rock. This Buddha structure occupied its place in the position when compare with the other Buddha structures.


How to visit this place by bus:


  • From Secunderabad station to this place: 5, 5GP,5K, 5L, 5M, 5MD, 5SK, 8M, 8S.
  • From Nampally station to this place: 8M, 8R, 8S, 8U, 139S.
  • From Jubliee bus station to this place: 5R, 8R, buses is available.