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Hi-Tech city


Hi-tech City The nascent structures coming upin Madhapur area of the 400-year-oldHyderabad city provide a sophisticated contrast to the great and ancient monuments and palaces in the QutubShahi capital. It is a consummation of the vision of an information technology crusader unfolding itself in a healthy hurry, comparable to the architectural dreams of Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah.


The axis of the HITECH city is an artistically and yet functionally built 10-storeyed cylindrical building surrounded by a galaxy of imposing structures raised to house IT companies, foreign and Indian. It is a city planned as an integrated township with allinfrastructure facilities like office space, production areas housing colonies, showrooms, cafeteria, health club, banks, shopping complexes and auditoriums.



How to visit this place by bus


  • From Secunderabad Railway station to this place: 47S
  • From Nampally Station to this place: 127, 127K
  • Mahtama Gandhi Bus station to this place: 1, 1P, 1C, after reaching to Koti through these buses, from there catch 127, 127K buses for Hitechcity.
  • Jubliee Bus station to this place: 21, 22, 23, 25, after reaching to Secunderabad through these buses, from there catch 47S bus for Hitechcity.