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Hyderabad means firstly in our mind clicks Charminar is it. In beside Mecca Masjid is also there with great history having. In the period of Mohmmad Kutubshah in 1617 started its construction and at last in the period of Aurangazeb in 1693 got completed. Beside to this a great historical lane otherwise we can say business place where women’s wears bangles with their choice. After wearing these bangles they feel very pleasantly.


The Charminar is situated in the southern sector of Hyderabad city and south of the Musi river in the center of the erstwhile walled city. The walls do not exist any more, barring ruins and small stretches at a few palaces. It was declared a protected monument in 1886. This eloquent structure is the most important landmark of the city.



The title "Faithful. Ally of the British Government" was bestowed on Nizam VII. The British stationed a Resident at Hyderabad, but the state continued to be ruled by the Nizam. The rule of the seven Nizam's saw the growth of Hyderabad both culturally and economically. Huge reservoirs, like the Nizam Sagar, Tungabadra, Osman Sagar, Himayath Sagar, and others were built. Survey work on Nagarjuna Sagar had also begun during this time. Hyderabad, under the Nizam's, was the largest princely state in India. Area wise it was as big as England and Scotland put together. The State had its own currency, mint, railways, and postal system.There was no income tax. Soon afterIndia gained independence, Hyderabad State merged with the Union of India. On November 1, 1956 the map of India was redrawn into linguistic states, and Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh.


How to visit this place by bus


After reaching to the city of Hyderabad by train or bus of different District of Andhra Pradesh and different States people in India at Secunderabad, from this station lot of buses are there to visit this place.

  • From Secunderabad Railway station : 1c , 2 , 2c , 2v , 2z , 8m , 8a , 8c , 8u , 57s.
  • From Nampally railway station : 8m , 8R , 8u , 9 , 9D , 9F , 9K , 9L , 9N , 9Q , 9R , 9X , 9Y/F , 41M , 65M , 65s.
  • From Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station : 1c , 2 , 2c , 2G , 2v , 2z .
  • From Jubilee Bus Station : 8R.