Birla Planetarium


Biral Planetarium



Ever traveled across the milky way ducking some way-ward asteroids that threatened to bump right into you, steering your way in air-conditioned comfort around stars that blaze away at zillions of degrees centigrade, and in general "boldly going where no man has ever gone before"? Unless you're in the select NASA team that will next tour outer space, this is theclosest that you can get to being Captain James Kirk.





All over India it occupied its deserving name which is  possessing with high tech planetarium. Since 1985 September 8th onwards it was opened for public visiting. In besides ‘Birla Mandir’ is also a great structure it is famous for its massive attraction was build on a single rock which is called extraordinary attraction for the visitors. From different regions people visiting this place very effectively for its pleasent look. In Birla science center Dinosaurs fossils available which are lived in Telengana states.




Close to the Birla Temple stands the grand structure of the B M Birla Planetarium. It’s one of the few technically advanced and modern science planetariums in the country and a place of pride for the Hyderabadis. The shows give you the feeling of actually being 'out there'. The place is slowly being developed into a fine center for the study of astronomy.




How to visit this place by bus


  • From Secunderabad station to this place: 5, 5C, 5GP,5K, 5L, 5M, 5MD, 5SK, 8M, 8S.
  • From Nampally station to this place: 8M, 8C, 8R, 8S, 8U, 139S.
  • From Mahatma Gandhi Bus station to this place: If we get down at Assembly then by walking we can reach this place through by buses, 9G/F, 9G/Y, 118I, 63K, 65, 65GP.
  • From Jubliee bus station to this place: 5R, 8R, buses is available.