ASB in Appalachia - Alternative Spring Break - See Mountaintop Removal Mining

Service Learning and More in Harlan, Kentucky 

Come to the beautiful mountains of eastern Kentucky and learn about coal, coal mining and the history of Appalachia - one of America's most fascinating and misunderstood regions.  Trips are available year-round.
Appalachia is home to the headwater streams that provide major cities with drinking water - and some of the world's richest and most diverse forests. 

These mountains contain the coal which provides one third of America's electricity.  You will see a mountaintop removal coal mine, where coal companies are blasting the tops off the mountains.  There are no easy answers to America's energy needs.
You will meet Appalachians who love their mountains and the coal miners who mine the coal. 

More photos from Virginia Tech's Alternative Break, Jan 2014 here
Based in historic Harlan, Kentucky - home of the FX series "Justified," and the Academy Award-winning documentary "Harlan County USA" - our trips are designed to promote a better understanding of Appalachia - one that confronts the stereotypes.
Hiking, old-time mountain music,  documentary films,  mountain views, service work  planting trees on an old strip mine and helping low-income Appalachians weatherize their homes. 
Clean, safe and low-cost housing with air conditioning and showers, in the heart of Kentucky's coalfields. 
Our rates for a typical 6 night stay include all food and lodging at $225 per person for groups of 10 or more.