FFFG--The Fearless Financing and Fundraising Group

* Vision of the Fearless Financing & Fundraising Group (FFFG)

·         To function as the CFO of the Vision to Action planning process by helping the other working groups be aware of what it will take financially to actualize their vision. The FFFG will help facilitate the execution of the other groups visions by providing useful information about the current state of the Center’s financial status, as well as offer projections of what financial resources might be required under various growth/expansion scenarios. This will be done in a transparent manner with information readily shared about current expenses and income, as well as the about the number of hours (and staff resources) it takes to run the Center at present.

·         The FFFG provides financial stewardship and serves as the voice of reality for the broader community to understand what’s practical and how to manifest the vision overtime. The FFFG is responsible for facilitating a realistic understanding of prioritizing various ideas and the importance of first building a strong foundation (three pillars). This involves offering a realistic plan of how much money might need to be raised and how it might best be spent in order to ensure long-term success of the three pillars.
Todd and Carolyn Pickton,
Mar 12, 2012, 9:10 AM