Welcome to my e-portfolio!  My name is Pamela K. Comer and this e-portfolio project is part of my journey toward a Master's degree in Educational Technology Leadership.  I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to post a comment if you see something you like or care to share an insight.
In the upper left hand corner of this page I have posted an image which I captured of a lighthouse on Lake Rockwall outside of Dallas.  A lighthouse is a beacon, something people who are lost can look to for guidance. It's a big, tall, solid, unmoving structure and has powerful light which moves. A lighthouse stands as both a symbol of stability and of change.  As an academic advisor it is my desire to offer consistency, stability, and guidance to the students that I serve. But I also must be willing to change and adapt my methods in order to effectively meet their needs. 

        My personal vision of educational technology leadership is to create and foster a collaborative learning environment which promotes and encourages lifelong learners in order to make a difference in the lives of students, their communities, and ultimately the world in which we live.
         My primary goal as an educational technology leader involves assisting students in discovering their purpose in life, creating a sense of respect for self and others, encouraging a desire for excellence in all they do, modeling a life of authenticity and integrity, and enabling them to find a place in the world where they can be of service to others.

A Vision of Students Today

This journey has been an exciting labor of love
and I have met so many new friends along the way
who have helped me grow and learn
beyond my wildest imagination.
I would like to express my sincere thanks
to the following people 
for helping me succeed in this Master's program ....
My husband Jack - for loving me and believing in me.
My family - Matt, Shelbea, Sam, Andy, Erin, Lawren,
Eli, Emorie, and Aly Mac
My classmates -
        Jamie Gustin - for always challenging me to keep learning new things and for your vision
and example of ed tech leadership.
        Glen Harrison  - for keeping the web conferences fun, for being my #1 ed tech coach, 
and the world's greatest social networker.
        Susan Haught  - for being my biggest cheerleader
and a true friend who laughs and cries with me.
Emily Priesmeyer
Emily Wisbrock
Amy Raley
Michael Alves
Mona Lincoln
Jeni Long
Kathy Payne
Janie Fryar 
My professors -
Dr. Kay Abernathy
Dr. Sheryl Abshire
Dr. John Yearwood
My Site Mentor - Andrea Stephenson
for your guidance, patience, example,
 and encouragement to achieve my dreams...
and last but not least .....
My many new online friends - for your patience
and understanding and for always being there for me
when I needed you.