VISHWAS  CENTRE  for Mentally Retarded Children run by VISHWAS CHARITABLE TRUST   was founded by Late Smt  Ashwini  Sule   and  Smt. Jyostna Pradhan on   01.01.1990 .  Our trust was registered with Charity Commissioner vide Registration Number  E1276.

 VISHWAS  CENTRE  functions at Ghantali  Rangmanch , near Ghantali Temple, Ghantali, Thane   from Monday to Friday between 10.30 AM to  04.30 PM.
There is no cure  for mental retardation. But if neglected, it creats  number of problems to these  childrens as well as  to their families.It is observed  that mentally challanged  children are highly neglected by the society. But given an opportunity, little bit of training  and encouragement , they can work like normal children. We at VISHWAS  CENTRE  have proved  this over the years. We have trained several such  wonderful  children  and to our surprise they perform better than our expectations. " VISHWAS   JAGVI   ATMAVISHWAS" our slogan says it all.

To bring fitness in students mind and body , therapy based activities are introduced  at    VISHWAS  CENTRE. It started  garlic peeling that gives exercise to their fingers. Gradually they learned  peeling sprouted beans (Val). The centre  provides wholesome snacks which are prepared  by these children. These activities also help them to participate  in various activities at  home.

All our products are made by mentally  challanged  children  under the  supervision of  teachers. The net  proceeds received  after the sale of these items are partly  given to these children  and balance are used for welfare  activities of these children only.

WE appeal to socially aware people  to join our endeavour. We urge  you to visit our centre .  Your visit will not only help   them boost  their confidence  but will also help people  to change their  views about these children.
         You must be eager to know more about  activities performed by these   beautiful kids ,so please click here to know more  about   their Activities.