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Links to pictures are few. The reason is that one can find good photographs of these places on the internet; and I don't see a significant benefit in documenting my presence there with photographs. I do try to capture unusual or unexpected sights online. I will try to write about any special experiences I may have had.

Playing with nature.

While travelling- especially while in the presence of magnificent nature- I like to be challenged physically and intellectually. Rather than standing to the side and mouthing "adbhutaM" or taking pictures, I like to physically interact and play with surroundings. This leads me then to climb trees, descend into ravines, climb tepees, cross cold rapid streams with slippery rocks using all four limbs and so on. At such happy times - rare as they are due to my other ambitions- I reach the limits of my ernergy, ablilities and equipment, and I stop when I sense a real threat to my life - well in time. More comments in the 'Hiking Style' section.

Interviewing strangers.

I usually take advantage of opportunities to interview strangers with unfamiliar knowledge and occupations - like park rangers, tour guides, tramway operators, paddling instructors, snow-shoe running old man on the Sierra, gurkha porters. I get to be in my curious element without the too-common strain of being careful not to socially screw up. A pleasure.


Hiking style

My personal hiking style during early hikes was to move along fast and rest. In descent, this translated to flowing down like a river - a sort of controlled falling, attention being strongly focused on getting good grips for the feet. I sustained no injuries, and I often was ahead of the rest of the pack. I liked the focus and the opportunity to feel like merging with nature, and being alone with it.

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