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On the software engineering profession.

From an OLD (early 2010-s) email thread:

  • What are the 3 most important things such as experience you've had that helped you succeed as a software engineer?
    1. 1. The programming class I took as an undergraduate.
    2. 2. My first job as a software engineer.
    3. 3. Appreciation of theoretical aspects involved in programming from my theory classes and research.  
  • Is the profession of software engineer overcrowded?
      • No. There is much demand for good software engineers.
  • If I studied computer science for four years, would it be difficult for me to get a job? What kind of job would I have to take at first?
      • No - if you work hard and work smart, it should be easy. First job is likely to be that of a programmer.
  • If I had average ability, how much could I hope to earn during the first five years?
      • 100K per year in the SF Bay area. You can look at for details elsewhere.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a software engineer?
    • Advantages:
      • * Job security.
      • * Good job opportunities.
      • * there is a certain thrill in being a "hacker" who makes things happen.
      • * Not a boring job.
      • * Get to learn new things.
    • Disadvantages:
      • * it is not a very social profession.
      • * Most likely, you won't do anything cutting edge or truly new.
      • * You will have to work on a computer all the time. 
  • If I were your daughter, would you advise me to become a software engineer? 
    • I would not advice against it. My advice would depend on her interests and aptitude besides market opportunities and potential impact.
    Good luck for your career. May you find lasting happiness and peace, and may the world benefit from your contributions.