Books पुस्तकानि


  • Books read
  • I like to mark (with a pencil):
    • words that are new to me (with meanings)
    • words and phrases that I find beautiful
    • grammatical flaws
    • printing mistakes that I correct
    • (In case of particularly difficult verses) - पद-endings (with vertical lines), their vibhakti-s (on top of word endings, numbered १-७, with additional markings as in १' to distinguish words related to distinct objects terminating in the same vibhakti)
    • my scores for beauty for (nearly) each verse - 1/5 to 5/5.
      • Sometimes these marks prefixed with क (to indicate that beauty in plot twist is being measured), र (to indicate rasa-beauty etc..)
  • Google play ebook notes (automatic backup in Drive): (Advantages of ebooks here.)
    • Note: Mistakes in the backup tend to occur more with books Google would need to OCR-ed (because they don't have digitized "flowing" text).
    • Example:

    • I use a temperature scale for marking verses: 4/4= red 3/4=yellow 2/4=green 1/4=blue (since there are only 4 highlighting colors in google play).

    Maps to fictional worlds.

    Seven kingdoms/ Westeros.

    House Stark, House Lannister and House Targaryen heiress (dragon lords) battle it out. Much intrigue, geopolitics. Great character development. Turned into an appealing video series.

    Major cultures/ bands: night-watch in the north, the wildlings, the evil others, the eununch 'unsullied' warrior slaves, Dothraki nomads.

    Midkemia with Seven Kingdoms and Kesh, Tsurani, rifts

    Much intrigue, some geopolitics, good character development and world-building.