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namaskArAH! This page contains some quasi-random non-academic information and thoughts. By the way, 'vAsuki' is not a 'family name'; it is a patronymic which comes from the name of my father: ವಾಸುಕಿ ಕಡಬ ರಙ್ಗರಾಜ ಅಯ್ಯಙ್ಗಾರ್. (My family name would actually be 'ayya~NgAr'.) So, I prefer to be called: vishvAs. (Note that I use OPTITRANS to encode hindu sounds in latin alphabet.)

Like most people, I have dreams and a non-insignificant potential for good. Rest assured: My most frankest observations remain hidden. As they say: अतिपरिचयात् अवज्ञा। So, try not to form rather strong opinions based on this allegedly "personal" web page - this interaction is not satisfactorily deep! Feedback (+ve or -ve) about my personality or thoughts is very welcome- seriously.

[अत्र वर्तते वैचारिकः परिचयात्मकः आलेखः संस्कृतया।]

Public links, interests and thoughts:

Human languages: especially saMskRta

Sanskrit! kannaDa! See this page if you have questions like:
  • Why??
  • Great! What do you offer me as a sanskrit student/ scholar?
  • Show me your Sanskrit verses.

Personal objectives, healthy career vs the rat race:

  • I have very ambitious professional, social and personal dreams. I try to not contaminate them with other more common competitive ideas of "success" - which I find silly.
    • "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." - Henry David Thoreau
    • To quote N Marsh: Often, people work long hard hours in jobs they hate to earn money to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't like.
    • My objectives in life (an active list I maintain on checkvist, written in saMskRta).
  • Work and leisure are good in their proper proportions. Maybe enthusing relationships, a healthy body, noble spirit are far more important for personal satisfaction and accomplishment than money, power, fame, flattery!
    • Is it not fun to do the right thing with pride, especially in defiance of the expectations of others? Need creativity be restricted to narrow regions of life which are examined closely?
  • Thoughts on the software engineering profession.


  • Writing, much writing, in languages best suited to the subjects. Is it not very hard to think deeply without writing?

  • Edifying podcasts: Radio Lab, Planet Money, This American Life, The Moth.
  • I have pursued many interests: booksvideos, mysticism (Damn that memory!), personal finance, options trading, computer games, music, badminton, visiting + hiking and biking, computer programming, mathematics (esp statistical learning).

On society, economics, politics:

About India (bhArata) and the dharma:

A sight of rustic India

  • I lived in Southern karNATaka, bhArata for all of my life before I came to USA for studies. It is a complex country. All countries and cultures have their noble and ignoble aspects.
  • I have met non-Indians with very wrong notions about bhArata and its many cultures. Also, the Hindu identity has been subverted to a great degree by Macaulay-ish and Marxist agendas, to the extent that _many_ modern Hindus are sadly misinformed and feel an instinctive mostly-unqualified embarassment about their culture. Thence they go to great lengths to deny this identity - both in their external appearance and habits. (This is a subversion I wish to see subverted.)
    • As a culture we Hindu-s have shamefully internalized the outsider's (the Indologists, missionaries, Arabs) appraisal of our culture to the exclusion of our insider's understanding. Also, few really know of parts and cultures of India other than their own.
    • pa~nchAmRtam- A blog which regularly features *5 positive news items* from India - to counteract the huge bombardment of negative news and views.
    • Fine speeches: 1.
  • (A)theism? Reincarnation? Political views? jAti-s (caste system)? dharma and its efficacy? Gender roles? 
    • I concur with many but not all ideas found here. While there, check out a list of mahAnubhAvas (great personalities) from bhArata. It gives us some idea about Indian history.
  • I practice yoga daily. I also enjoy the precise, musical art of chanting the vedas - atleast the bits familiar to me, and I enjoy performing various nitya and naimittika karmas. Are body, breath, intellect, desires and sound not intimately connected? Is humble but uncompromising devotion to the truth and purity not good?
  • To know more about bhArata:


  • Charities I favor:
  • Here is a compelling thought: We must survive. We must be ingenious in tackling resource and environmental problems. And, we must spread to the stars!
Buzz Aldrin on the MoonUSA launches Apollo 11. 

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