Intro परिचयः॥

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Why are you here? You're probably interested in my for one of the following reasons:
  • You're interested in me as a computer programmer or researcher.
    • If so, yes I am an engineer. I graduated from the Computer Science department of the University of Texas at Austin with an MS in Computer Science. You'll find my CV and details somewhere on this site.
  • You're interested in my views on certain topics (rituals, politics, etc..).
    • If so, in some sensitive cases you'll be disappointed and not find what you seek in this public place, but feel free to click around for what you get.
  • You're interested in me as a poet or contributor to sanskrit learning.
    • Oh, you're more likely to be in luck. Look around. But you'll probably not find my best work here.


A pretentious intro I wrote for myself in the third person for some lecture:
  • Vishvāsa, son of Vāsuki​, is a practicing Hindu, a lover of both hard rationality and tender aesthetic sensitivity. He is content following the three puruṣartha-s, cognizant of his gratitude towards the deva-s, sages, his ancestors, society and nature at large. He spends much of his free time learning, composing and propagating saṃskṛta kāvya-s and shāstra-s; and loves snowboarding. He also follows and passionately debates some issues affecting the Hindu ethos and humanity in general. He speaks Saṃskṛtam, Kannaḍa, Hindī, Hebbār Tamiḷ and English - in roughly that order of preference. Originally from southern Karnāṭaka, his body is borne by the ??? area. He is a computer programmer by profession, and has sampled academic research in the past. He organizes his thoughts at and welcomes comments and criticism.

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