Virutor GUI for Desktop

Virutor GUI for Desktop is here!

    • Two versions are available

      • the "bundled" version comes with one of the latest Virutor Chess UCI engine (version 1.1.1); this would work only on Windows
      • the "GUI only" is theoretically cross platform, but admittedly it is targeted for Linux

    • Downloads

      Version Number of downloads

      GUI with Virutor UCI engine - beta 1   
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      GUI only - beta 1
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    • System reuirements

      • Java 6

    • Install instructions:

      • unpack the archive to a location of your choosing
      • run with one of the run scripts (run.h / run.bat)

    • Beware!

      • the application is by no means finished. It's in "beta 1" to get some feeling of incompleteness. There are a lot of known issues and possibly some unknown bugs, too, On the other hand it should already be usable
      • also please feel free to ask, complain or report a bug at

    • Disclaimer regarding broken download counting

      • the javascript client (or Google Gadget if you will) is broken. It seems that some google servers are not available (surprising, huh?). I will investigate this, too. The number of downloads are still counted, though; fortunately this works.
    • Disclaimer regarding security warnings

      • recently I noticed that Chrome (and maybe also other browsers) will warn you with "VirutorChess is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". This happens for windows binaries and not for the Android ones (the .zip extension is to blame). I googled it and found out that I should change the content type. I did that and it didn't help. Then I found another thread where someone claimed that it could be fixed if I sign the binary with a trusted certificate. I am not gonna do that because that costs (quite a lot of) money and from the beginning my endeavor was meant to cost me only my (precious) time. I admit this is a big issue and I will continue to investigate it and will try to find a way to fix it without costs. I am not going to remove the .zip extension either. Suggesting to users to download a file and then to change its extension seems to me kind of impolite and suspicious by itself.