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This site is dedicated to Virutor Chess, a chess program currently available as a UCI engine for Android and Windows.

An UCI engine is a chess engine that communicates with some chess application with user interface via the UCI protocol. This means that in order to use Virutor Chess, you need to install some chess program that is capable of using 3rd party UCI engine. For Windows, you can use for example Arena Chess. Virutor Chess for Android works with Chess for Android.

Virutor Chess is available for Android and Windows. A version for Linux is comming soon.


  • new version for Android available! (version 1.1.4 - released on 12th December 2013) 

  • new version for Windows and Android available! (version 1.1.2 - released on 17th November 2013) 

  • Virutor GUI for Desktop is here! (version beta 1 - released on 23th July 2013)

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Special thanks

  • to Adam Weiss for testing my engine's strength and portability
  • to Aart Bik for publishing my engine on his web on Chess for Android and for valuable comments
  • to Tomas Strilka for advice on software licenses
  • to Martin Frydl for testing my engine on Wine under Linux
  • to Nuno Machado for testing my engine on Mac OS


  • feel free to ask, complain or report a bug at