Tips for Stopping and Preventing Viruses and Spam

Here's a few helpful hints on how to stop and or prevent viruses:
1. contact a local technician if  your computer gets a virus
        But how do i know if my computer has a virus?
            1. Your computer starts running slowly
            2. It shuts down or crashes unexpectedly
            3. It encounters memory problems or runs out of disc space
            4. Unusual files or directories appear on your system
Strange or unusual messages appear on your screen
2. Don't bring a virus onto yourself  
         1. Don't download games, music etc. unless from a trusted source.
         2. Make sure you have Anti-Virus software, and make sure its working properly, and make sure it performs a scan at least once a week.
Do not open any files attached to an e-mail from unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy sources
         4. Delete chain and junk e-mails
         5. Exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet
         6. Back up your files on a regular basis
         7. Update your anti-virus software regular

How to stop SPAM:
        1. Don't open messages if you don't know the sender.
        2. Never buy anything from an e-mail
        3. Don't fall for any get-rich-quick schemes
        4. Don't put your e-mail address on any untrusted website
        5. Delete junk e-mail and chain e-mails
Don't send SPAM
        1. if you get an e-mail that says something like, "Send this to 15 friends and you will fall in love tomorrow..." DON'T fall for it, its pointless SPAM and wont work
        2. Also it's wise to subscribe to an anti-spam service

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