Men, Here Are the Four Steps For You Need To Win Her BACK


Time can make things come easier. Depending on what that thing is naturally. But when it comes to losing that special girl that was your girlfriend, time is not going to make is easier to deal with it. You will find the pain to be less, if you are the sort of man that can even admit that, but the issues, the problems of the break up, that is different. You can learn how to get her back if you want her back, it does not matter how difficult it seems it is possible. And that is something men have to remember.

Most cases guys want to learn how to get that girlfriend back unless they have already written off things as impossible. In cases when things were super bad, a lot of guys still want to fix things. If things had deteriorated to having physical abuse as part of them, then write it off men. She will never really accept you in such a case, and even if they did, it would never be a truly equal or good relationship. In a case like that be glad that you are out of such a relationship

Relationships fall into similar patterns. The people meet and a relationship forms, at first no one can do any wrong. That is a time much of fantasy in the area of each person and how they see each other, often it is a magical time where everything is great. Then time wears on and familiarity breeds the contempt of not having things the way that we really want them. Funny little quirks become major character flaws, flaws that we want to change right away.

Sometimes people forget that a relationship is also something that you have to work at. There are rough spots and the strength of your relationship is affected by the facts of those issues and how they are ultimately dealt with. Which is just a fancy way of saying the more stress and issues that are dealt with successfully the stronger your relationship will be.

But if you are standing there, looking back over your life with her, you have to think there is something you want to regain, and the good things that the relationship brought you. Is it really worth giving up on? Most men will say no and follow that with the question ‘so what do I do now?” Read on and find out

  1. It is time to say ‘Sorry Babe” It does not matter what the issue was and even if you truly believe you have anything to feel sorry for, but without this first step there are no other steps. You still have to say you are sorry for the things that she believes you should be sorry for. That is not to say it is how you see it deep in your heart, it is how you think she sees it and what you have to do to get that door cracked open.
  2. Now sit down for the talk. You have to go over where you both are and if you are happy. There are a lot of things involved in this, be proud but not mean, hold your emotions tight but let the good be heard of at least a little bit. The more you share the better chance you have to get back together. And in this talk you will discover if the opportunity is still there, if she has moved on it is unlikely you will be going on.
  3. Don’t crowd her. She may ask for time and for space, you have to give her these things. For one thing you might sour a possible reconciliation by NOT giving her these things. But if you do, she might come back and be yours again. Is that not worth it? Don’t sit around the house waiting for her call, but do give her that needed time and space.  She may need that time to heal from the hurt that she can not otherwise get rid of.
  4. Remember to take care of you. No one wants to be with someone that has so little self respect that they can not exist without someone to prop them up. Few are going to want to be that prop so don’t make it necessary. Instead take care of that manly body, take on anything that will make you feel better, what entertainments you like and even hitting up the gym can be good for you. Take care of you, don’t worry and if she is meant for you she will be back

She will be back if you do these things, and give her the time to realize that you are needed in her life. She will likely miss you and it will take time for her to remember that. Good luck