Free : .Info Domain Name and 1 month hosting with hostgator
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Get your Very own Info Domain name from Godaddy and 1 month hosting with hostgator for FREE



    1.     Clear all your cookies, all offline files, all saved pages NOW


    2.     Go to Godaddy and choose your domain name.


    3.    Email me the domain you chose at


    4.     If you want to keep the domain  name you chose under cover PM me.


    5.     Either I will buy the domain name for you or I will send you funds in your paypal account so that you can buy it yourself. 


    6.     Go to Hostgator (the best hosting company in my honest opinion) and choose the baby plan and use this code : “hgcouponblog” to get hosting at 1 cent for the first month. 


    USE ONLY THIS LINK FOR HOSTGATOR :  Click here for hostgator


    7.     RENEW it the next month.


    The only thing that I want you to do is to keep it running for atleast 2 months, I pay for the domain and the 1 month hosting and you keep it up for 2 months.


    If you DO NOT plan to keep this site up for 2 months please do not PM me or bother me. This is only for people serious with online business and I am here to help you guys. A website is the basic requirement of any online business. 


    I have made a screenshot of this screen as a legal proof, Please do not mess around with this. If you are serious I will be willing to hold your hand and help you with this site.


     NOTE : 

     The only thing that I want you to do is to sign up with hostgator using only the link mentioned above and only after clearing your offline files and cookies. If you do not do so you will be disqualified and your domain will not be given to you.